Senate Votes 25-9 To Restore Your Most Important Constitutional Right, Libs Are Furious

America was established on certain inalienable rights. We revolted from the oppression of European rule to protect those rights for each man, lady, and child.

However today, Liberals crosswise over America look to obliterate our rights.

The stage of the Democratic Party is to destroy our American values, supplanting them with Socialism.

That implies the finish of all that we have confidence in.

For a long time, they’ve had their way. In any case, all that is evolving. We are seeing this all through the nation. Counting West Virginia.

Its Senate as of late voted to protect our most principal right: the right to life.

Via Daily Caller:

The West Virginia Senate voted Friday in favor of a resolution that would allow the state government to restrict access to abortion by asserting the procedure is not and should not be a constitutional right.

The state Senate voted Friday to pass Senate Joint Resolution 12, which states “nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right of abortion or requires the funding of abortion,” according to the Charleston-Gazette Mail…

Others don’t think so highly of the resolution and see it as an attack on women’s rights.

“This is not an issue about women’s health, it’s about a political play.

They are playing politics with women’s health care,” said Planned Parenthood South Atlantic director of public affairs Alisa Clements in a statement.

Do we truly trust the expressions of a Planned Parenthood lobbyist? Their association makes a fortune from the ending of a human life.

They will state anything they can to ensure this primitive and abhorrence practice.

Liberals claim abortion is tied in with protecting ladies’ rights. Shouldn’t something be said about the rights of the individual in the womb?

Half of all aborted youngsters and females. Don’t their rights tally?

This vote is an unmistakable sign that at any rate, a few legislators are tuning in. For a considerable length of time, Americans have contradicted abortion.

They are shocked that such a training is permitted in the United States. At long last, we are seeing leaders stand firm.

Don’t imagine it any other way, abortion lobbyists will battle like there’s no tomorrow to ensure this malicious practice.

They profit from it. They will state or effectively keep it.

Liberals will dump a lot of trash onto West Virginia over this vote. We have to remain with them and support it.

Pence Drops Bomb on Pelosi During Charged CPAC Speech: “Out of Touch With American People”

Speaking Thursday afternoon at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, Maryland, Vice President Mike Pence dropped a brutal truth bomb on loudmouth House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“(J)ust a few days ago, she said it was unpatriotic to let the American people keep more of what they earn,” he said initially, taking aim at Pelosi’s criticism of the tax reform bill signed by President Donald Trump late last year.

“But most amazingly of all, she keeps saying that a a $1,000 bonus for working Americans is nothing more than crumbs,” he added.

And this despite the fact that $1,000 is enough for the average middle class family to “balance a check book, make a mortgage payment, or put a dent in a semester’s tuition,” as noted by Philip Wegmann of the Washington Examiner.

Continuing his speech, Pence noted that during his younger days — presumably before he entered politics — he “had a term for another $1,000 in our paycheck at the end of the year: Christmas!”

“I mean, these bonuses have meant real money. They’ve helped working families all across this country with pay raises that are generating opportunities even as we speak.

And I want to say from my heart, any leader who says that $1,000 in the pockets of working families is crumbs is out of touch with the American people,” he added, spurring loud applause.


Agreed wholeheartedly.

Hailing from the leftist pigsty of San Francisco, where she’s lived since 1969, Pelosi is the quintessential coastal elitist.

And while she and her fellow Bay Area comrades purport to care so deeply about working class Americans, their own actions and lifestyles disprove it day in and day out.

In Pelosi’s case, for instance, we know the evidence suggests she voted against Trump’s tax reform bill last year, not in a bid to protect working class Americans as she claimed, but to protect her own interests.

As Conservative Tribune reported last month, the tax bill, which as a reminder cuts taxes for 90 percent of all Americans, contains a provision that limits the amount of state, local and property taxes the wealthy may deduct to just $10,000.

Because this provision means that the wealthy residents of high-tax liberal states like California will undoubtedly pay more on their taxes starting in 2018, some rich people tried to game the system last year by prepaying their property taxes. Among them was Pelosi, of course.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but judging by Pelosi’s hypocritical attempt to avoid paying taxes on her own property, I’m convinced the only reason she voted against the tax reform bill and continues to lambaste it daily is because of its effect on her wallet.

She’s no different than Facebook CEO and all-around cretin Mark Zuckerberg, who champions illegal immigration almost daily, yet maintains a wall around his own home to protect it.

Yet when it comes to working class Americans desperate to protect their homes from illegal immigrants, he doesn’t care.

He’s out of touch, and so is Nancy Pelosi. In fact, I daresay the entire Democrat Party is out of touch. Want to know who’s not out of touch?

The president, the vice president and the myriads of congressional Republicans who support them. Please don’t forget this, especially when the midterms arrive.

BREAKING! Flynn Withdrawing His Guilty Plea After Appalling New Evidence Emerged Overnight

Disturbing new information has recently come to light in the Russia collusion investigation, and it’s not the information that the left wanted it to be.

Despite the best efforts of the DNC, the Muller investigation didn’t uncover anything that would negate the election results.

In fact, the shroud of mystery has been lifted, and what could have been used to cast doubt, with no real evidence for years has now been proved to be just another misdirect.

The most recent information uncovered is now pointing to the distinct possibility that the facade was pushed too far, and a lifelong public servant who’s reputation was dragged through the mud is ready to set the record straight.

Michael Flynn was put under the microscope when he was nominated to be a part of the Trump Administration. He was also one of the first casualties to the Russia collusion story.

Oddly, he went down without much of a fight, and his replacement was quickly found and installed.

However, the investigation is now coming to a close, the blame has been placed and Flynn isn’t so sure that any of it should have been on him.

The Daily Wire reports that a motion has been filed to withdraw his guilty plea:

“‘A motion by Michael Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea based on government misconduct is likely in the works,’ declared The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland on Friday.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan issued a so-called ‘Brady’ order on Friday in United States v. Flynn that Cleveland, a lawyer, says ‘likely’ stands as an indication that the former Trump national security advisor is looking to withdraw his guilty plea based on government misconduct.

Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI during the Mueller probe on November 30.

The former Trump advisor pleaded guilty on December 1 before federal judge Rudolph Contreras, but less than one week later, the case was reassigned under Judge Sullivan.

‘On the surface, Friday’s order seems inconsequential, but in comparing the December 12, 2017, version to the February 16, 2018, version, one substantive change stood out,’ explained Cleveland.

Here’s what she noticed: ‘The revised version added one sentence specifying that the government’s obligation to produce evidence material either to the defendant’s guilt or punishment ‘includes producing, during plea negotiations, any exculpatory evidence in the government’s possession.”

This add-on is significant, she argues, because it “indicates that, if the government did not provide Flynn material evidence during plea negotiations, Flynn has grounds to withdraw his plea.”

Cleveland acknowledges that it’s unclear if Sullivan ‘modified the standing order in response to special concerns in the Flynn case,’ but noted that ‘it differs from the model text he included in his 2016 article, as well as the standing order he used most recently in a criminal case from August 2017.’

Moreover, in the revised order, the judge added ‘a lengthy footnote’ ‘detailing the case law and setting forth his position that, if material exculpatory evidence is withheld during plea negotiations, a defendant is entitled to withdraw his guilty plea.’

‘Flynn’s attorneys now know what to do should Mueller’s team disclose such evidence,’ argues Cleveland.

In the wake of the release of the House Intelligence Committee memo on possible FISA court abuses and Grassley-Graham memo, numerous pundits have argued in support of the idea that Flynn has grounds to move to withdraw his guilty plea.”

This raises all kinds of questions. It makes us wonder, not only was Flynn treated badly just to serve the left’s political agenda? And if so, who else has fallen prey to their traps.

As it turns out, Flynn might not have been alone in his quest to clear his name. According to The Federalist, his case was unexplainedly turned over to another judge who put pressure on the prosecution to cooperate

“To recap: On November 30, 2017, prosecutors working for Mueller charged former Trump national security advisor Flynn with lying to FBI agents.

The following day, Flynn pled guilty before federal judge Rudolph Contreras. Less than a week later — and without explanation — Flynn’s case was reassigned to Judge Emmet G. Sullivan.

One of Sullivan’s first orders of business was to enter a standing order, on December 12, 2017, directing ‘the government to produce to defendant in a timely manner – including during plea negotiations – any evidence in its possession that is favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment.’

Sullivan’s standing order further directed the government, if it ‘has identified any information which is favorable to the defendant but which the government believes not to be material,” to “submit such information to the Court for in camera review.”

Sullivan enters identical standing orders as a matter of course in all of his criminal cases, as he explained in a 2016 Cardozo Law Review article: ‘Following the Stevens case, I have issued a standing Brady Order for each criminal case on my docket, updating it in reaction to developments in the law.”

A Brady order directs the government to disclose all exculpatory evidence to defense counsel, as required by Brady v. Maryland.

The Stevens case, of course, is the government’s corrupt prosecution of the late Senator[sic] Ted Stevens—an investigation and prosecution which, as Sullivan put it, “were permeated by the systematic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence. . . .’

While the December standing order represented Sullivan’s normal practice, as both McCarthy and York noted, Flynn had already pled guilty.

In his plea agreement, Flynn agreed to ‘forego the right to any further discovery or disclosures of information not already provided at the time of the entry of Flynn’s guilty plea.’

On Wednesday, however, the attorneys in the Flynn case presented the court an agreed-upon protective order governing the use of the material — including sensitive material — the special counsel’s office provides Flynn.

This indicates Mueller’s team will not fight Sullivan’s standing order based on the terms of Flynn’s plea agreement.”

In other words, Flynn’s guilty plea meant that he didn’t have to receive any more information from the prosecution, by law, but a judge with a nose for justice decided that he should.

We don’t completely understand why this is happening, or what the details of the case are, but we do know that the other shoe has yet to drop.

Somebody is pulling strings, and we’re about to find out who it is.

“I Will Not Shut Up,” Watch Nikki Haley Crush Palestinian Leader When He Tries To Keep Her Quiet

United States UN Ambassador Nikki Haley stood up to a Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat who had told her to ‘shut up’ about criticism of Abbas.

“We welcome you as the leader of the Palestinian people here today. But I will decline the advice I was recently given by your top negotiator, Saab Erekat: I will not shut up. Rather, I will speak some hard truths,” said Haley in a UN speech.

“The Palestinian leadership has a choice between two different paths: there is the path of absolutist demands, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence. That path has led, and will continue to lead, to nothing but hardship for the Palestinian people. Or there is the path of negotiation and compromise,” said Haley.

“History has shown that path to be successful for Egypt and Jordan, including the transfer of territory. That path remains open to the Palestinian leadership if only it is courageous enough to take it. The United States knows the Palestinian leadership was very unhappy with the decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem. You don’t have to like that decision; you don’t have to praise it; you don’t even have to accept it. But know this: that decision? Will — not — change,” she said.

“So once again, you must choose between two paths. You can choose to denounce the United States, reject the U.S. role in peace talks, and pursue punitive measures against Israel in international forums like the U.N. I assure you that path will get the Palestinian people exactly nowhere toward the achievement of their aspirations. Or you can choose to put aside your anger about the location of our embassy and move forward with us toward a negotiated compromise that holds great potential for improving the lives of the Palestinian people,” she said.

Hillary Clinton is FREAKING OUT Following MAJOR DOJ Announcement

On Sunday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed that the Justice Department is going to thoroughly investigate the FBI’s mishandling of the infamous ‘Trump Dossier’ in obtaining a FISA warrant against the Trump campaign.

Sessions vowed that his agency will get to the bottom of the bureau’s use of the Clinton-financed document to surveil President Trump’s advisors in 2016.

Sessions was speaking with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo when he was asked whether the DOJ was currently probing allegations the FBI used the shady document, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, to obtain FISA warrants against Trump insider Carter Page.

Are you, sir, investigating the fact that the FBI used the dossier to get a wiretap against Trump associates and they did not tell the FISA court that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier?” asked Bartiromo.

Let me tell you, every FISA warrant based on facts submitted to that court have to be accurate,” said Sessions.

That will be investigated and looked at, and we are not going to participate as a Department of Justice in providing anything less than a proper disclosure to the court before they issue a FISA warrant.

Watch Sessions’ comments below:

Donald Delivers Extreme Gulf Of Mexico Order, And Liberals Are Scrambling

We may never understand why Liberals are so opposed to President Trump’s plans. He clearly wants to put Americans first.

He even wants to land deals that will create jobs, wealth, and prosperity for everyone.

So why oppose all that?

Perhaps Democrats want Americans to fail. They have big, powerful, foreign donors who would profit if the United States suffered.

Or perhaps, they just don’t want to see everyday citizens thrive. They are elitists, after all.

Either way, they are sure to complain, after Trump made this landmark announcement about the Gulf of Mexico.

From Conservative Tribune:

Trump’s Interior Department recently announced what stands to be a record-breaking sale of off-shore oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico, the largest such sale in U.S. history.

The auction of the leases, scheduled to take place March 21, would open up some 77.3 million acres to offshore drilling for oil and gas off the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida…

It was estimated by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management that the blocks up for sale contained potentially 210 million to 1.2 billion barrels of oil and from 550 million to 4.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Be sure that if a democratic president landed this deal, the media would applaud it. But I’m guessing the hacks at CNN will find something at fault with Trump.

I’m sure before a second passes, CNN will mention the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010. They will make it seem like drilling for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico is a bad idea, because of one accident eight years ago.

They will fail to mention that off-shore drilling goes on around the world, with little incident. They will also fail to mention the oil spill happened on Obama’s watch.

Seems like environmentalists aren’t even good at their job of “protecting” the earth.

Let us not forget that the Deepwater Horizon tragedy, by the way, ignored hundreds of safety requirements, leading to the spill. And where were CNN and Obama then?

Opening up this region to more drilling is a good thing. Yes, there are dangers, as in every industry. But when companies follow the laws and safety standards, the risk is low.

Reports indicate the this will provide billions of more dollars in revenue for American companies.

An influx of energy resources will also mean more competition and lower prices. Sure, OPAC might not like this news, but this is America.

We have the right to harvest our resources for the betterment of our society.

NRA’s Loesch: I Wouldn’t Have Been Able To Leave CNN Town Hall Without Armed Security

National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch said she wouldn’t have been able to exit the CNN town hall safely without her armed security detail.

During her speech Thursday at Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida, Loesch said she heard audience members calling for her to be burned and murdered.

CNN held a town hall Wednesday night to discuss gun control solutions following the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last week.

Loesch revealed during her speech at CPAC that having her armed security detail was vital to ensure she was able to exit the stage safely and make it back to her family.

Unafraid of liberals threatening her, Loesch made it clear she staunchly supporters Americans rights to bear arms and will defend it vigorously.

“The government has proven that they cannot keep you safe. And yet, some people want all of us to disarm. You heard that town hall last night. They cheered the confiscation of firearms. And it was over 5,000 people,” Loesch said.

She added: “I had to have a security detail to get out. I wouldn’t be able to exit that if I didn’t have a private security detail. There were people rushing the stage and screaming burn her. And I came there to talk solutions and I still am going to continue that conversation on solutions as the NRA has been doing since before I was alive.”

Loesch said the people who call President Donald Trump a tyrant are the same intolerant liberals who demand the president confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens.

Abhorrent liberals are so destined to infringe on Americans rights that they are calling for Loesch to be burned and attacked because she was defending the Second Amendment.

We as a nation should never accept crazed citizens openly calling for someone to be violently attacked and murdered because they hold a different viewpoint on an issue.

Many Americans stand with Loesch that the Second Amendment is deeply rooted into the bedrock of our nation’s foundation and must be defended.

Watch Loesch’s full CPAC speech:

NRA Chief Blasts Democrats, The FBI and The Media After Florida Massacre

NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre

In a defiant call to arms, the head of the National Rifle Association on Thursday railed about failures in mental health care and among the country’s law enforcement agencies in the deadly shooting at a Florida high school but said suggestions to limit guns in any way are “completely ridiculous.”

“The whole idea from some of our opponents that armed security makes us less safe is completely ridiculous. If that’s true, armed security makes us less safe, let’s just go ahead and remove it from everywhere. Let’s remove it from the White House, from Capitol Hill, and remove it from all of Hollywood,” Wayne LaPierre told a cheering crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“Evil walks among us, and God help us if we don’t harden our schools and protect our kids,” he continued.

The first speaker at the conservative conference held just a week after a man walked into a Florida high school with an AR-15 and gunned down 17 students and staff, LaPierre called out Democrats – including Mayor De Blasio, Gov. Cuomo, Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California – and the elite media for not caring about the safety of America’s school children.

“Cheered on by the national media, eager to blame the NRA and call for even more government control, they hate the NRA, they hate the Second Amendment, they hate individual freedom,” he fumed, setting the incendiary tone for the three-day conference.

“In the rush of calls for more government, they also revealed their true selves. The elites don’t care not one wit about America’s school system and school children. If they truly cared, what they would do is protect them,” he said. “Their goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment, and our firearms freedoms.”

Calling out failures of the mental health care system and the FBI for not pursuing tips about the Florida shooter’s violent tendencies, he said more laws restricting guns won’t help and blamed the media for exploiting the tragedy for their own good.

“If they truly cared, what they would do is they would protect them. For them, it is not a safety issue. It is a political issue. They care more about control and more of it. Their goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment and our firearms freedoms so they can eradicate all individual freedoms,” he raged to the assembly.

“What they want are more restrictions on the law abiding. Think about that, their solution is to make you, all of you, less free.”

“As usual, the opportunists wasted not one second to exploit tragedy for political gain,” he said.

Organizers of the conference kept his name off the list of scheduled speakers after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for fear of protests, according to the Washington Examiner.

LaPierre lauded NRA members, saying they mourn the dead in the school shootings and are looking for “real solutions” and want “real practical action” to protect the students.

“Think about it, it is a bizarre fact that in this country our jewelry stores, all over this country, are more important than our banks, our airports, our NBA games, our NFL games, our office buildings, our movie stars, our politicians, they’re all more protected than our children at school. does that make any sense to anybody?” he griped.

Raising the specter of a “madman bent on evil” taking advantage of “gun-free zones,” he urged PTAs, teachers’ unions, law enforcement and parents to work together to come up with concrete proposals to protect students because the threat is already there.

“They all must come together to implement the very best strategy to harden their schools, including effective trained armed security that will absolutely protect every innocent child in this country,” he said.

“And that has to happen now. ”

He said armed security must be a necessary part of the plan.

“The whole idea from some of our opponents that armed security makes us less safe is completely ridiculous. If that’s true, armed security makes us less safe, let’s just go ahead and remove it from everywhere. Let’s remove it from the White House, from Capitol Hill, and remove it from all of Hollywood,” he said.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch reiterated LaPierre’s remarks in her speech at the conference when she declared: “Many in legacy media love mass shootings.”

“You guys love it,” Loesch said. “Now I’m not saying that you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media.”

“And notice I said ‘crying white mothers’ because there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend, and you don’t see town halls for them, do you?” Loesch continued.

“Where’s the CNN town hall for Chicago? Where’s the CNN town hall for sanctuary cities?”

Official Agrees To Testify Against John Kerry For Funneling Millions To Daughter

Kerry busted in massive corruption scheme.

A former high-ranking Peace Corps official accepted an immunity deal in exchange for cooperating in the investigation into former Secretary of State John Kerry funneling millions of dollars to a nonprofit organization run by his daughter.

Recently published court documents show Warren Buckingham reached a deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., to avoid prosecution in the case involving an illegal lobbying scheme by Obama’s deep state actors.

Buckingham told federal prosecutors he pushed former Peace Corps officials to ensure Seed Global Health secured a $6.4 million Department of State funded contract in September 2015.

Buckingham also worked to ensure that Seed – the nonprofit organization founded and run by Vanessa Kerry – received it’s original $3 million State Department-funded contract back in September 2012.

Court documents reveal officials from Seed and the State Department met with Vanessa and spoke extensively about funneling the money to Seed through the Peace Corps.

Buckingham’s immunity deal indicates he agreed to cooperate with “any ongoing investigation” relating to Kerry abusing his power at the State Department to funnel millions of dollars to his daughters organization.

He also agreed to “disclose all factual information” surrounding the highly illegal scheme, including “any document, record or other tangible evidence.”

His immunity deal also requires him to “make himself available for interviews or testimony,” including testifying before a grand jury to identify witnesses who have knowledge or information to offer regarding the scheme.

This corruption scheme is slightly similar to what Hillary Clinton did as secretary of state.

Clinton used her power at the State Department to approve policies or request for other nations in exchange for massive donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Kerry, however, abused his power to funnel millions of dollars from the State Department through the Peace Corps to his daughter’s organization.

Both corrupt Obama officials broke the law, abused their power, and deserve to go to jail for the crimes they committed.

Kerry could be facing serious jail time as the top player in the corruption scheme has accepted an immunity deal and is ready to tell the investigators everything.

Trump Made Incredible Move After Eric Bolling Lost His Only Son

Misguided and agenda-driven liberals have spent their time pushing the narrative that President Donald Trump is some evil billionaire from the day he announced his intention to run for the presidency.

What they completely ignore are the stories that are rarely heard — the ones of Trump reaching out to help friends, family and more often than not, complete and total strangers.

It’s no surprise… that would force them to admit that Trump — without a doubt — is one heck of a nice guy.

What he did for beloved former Fox News host Eric Bolling after he lost his only son was nothing short of amazing.

Daily Caller reports:

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling shared a powerful story about President Trump calling him after his late son passed away from an opioid overdose at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Thursday.

“I spoke to President Trump, in the deep, dark times that my wife and I were having,” Bolling explained. “We were going to sit down for the Thanksgiving dinner. There was an empty chair.”

“We are walking over to the table and the phone rang. It was President Trump who said, Eric, no one should have to lose a child and we are thinking of you. Very, very important that he did that”

“He has been great,” Bolling added. “He showed empathy and compassion, so I used it as an opportunity to say, Mr. President, can I come talk to you about this?

And I have. I’ve gone to the White House a couple of times.”

Bolling lost his 19-year-old son Chase to an accidental opioid drug overdose last year.

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