WARNING: Civil War Is Being Prepared For Nov 4, The Alt-Left Wants To Overturn US Government

There are massive rallies to “end the Fascist regime” being planned by the Revolutionary Communist Party, Antifa, and god knows who else.

People are living in terror, according to one website at revcom.us including immigrants [illegal], Latinos, Blacks, LGTBQ, Muslims, refugees, the poor, the unhealthy who cannot get healthcare, the whole world, the whole planet, the list goes on.

The ones who hand out all the ‘No!’ signs you see are saying that the “nightmare must end.”

These vicious leftists have taken to the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Austin.

One of the group’s insane members, Andy Zee, wrote about violence being accepted by him as well as Antifa:

“There is a break with what have been the norms we confront, and to deal with this there must be a break with the “normal” ways people seek change from government. The normal forms of petition and protest DO NOT APPLY with Trump—even as they have been difficult enough under the normal functioning of this system,” Zee writes.

According to Zee, the only way to overthrow the administration is by implementing “sharp agitation” and “politically provocative actions.”

Violence is always being blamed on President Donald Trump and his supporters because he is the only one who dares speak up.

However, Zee is revealing that the violence comes from the alt-left except for the events that unfolded in Charlottesville.

Antifa describes themselves as anarcho-communists, but the media will never admit that they do more than use violence to achieve peace in their fight against fascism and white supremacy.

Although Antifa are fascists and supremacists who believe they have the right to dictate others.

Antifa is looking for war and the media is supporting and aiding them in this journey. 

We don’t know who funds Antifa, but George Soros could certainly be the one helping out this terrorist group. Why no one is investigating Soros is the real mystery.

Unions and large crony corporations are also said to be funding the violence.

Take a look: