VIDEO: ‘ISIS Hunters’ Discover Group Of Cowering Jihadists, ISIS Starts Balling

This is further proof that the ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab, al-li babba the tent maker, al-whatever, are nothing more than a bunch of cowards.

We are talking about a group of terrorist thugs who have to tie-up and/or cage their enemy before killing them. They would not know a fair fight if it punched them square in the face.

These videos show the ardent and fearsome ruggedness of these Arabic warlords as they attack the Kurdish YPG forces. The ISIS forces were caught, and the video shows them begging the YPG for their lives.

They cry and claim they were made to come by Turkey, and offered money and passports into Europe if they did (that last bit is interesting).

If they are let go, they will go home to their mommies (I thought they were getting passports…). They will pray that Allah protects the Kurdish land.

Geez…the sympathy…just not feelin’ it. These are low life scumbags who can be bought for a piece-of-eight.

These are masters at practicing the Taqiyaa, the art of lying. They would just as soon sell each other out than fight for one another’s lives.

Just because they are cowards, does not make them not deadly. The ISIS are the scourge of the earth. It’s too bad we don’t know if the YPG executed them. Hopefully so.

Source: Conservative Tribune