Texas Finds First Evidence Of Russian Meddling, But It’s In The ‘Wrong’ Party

Democrats and their pals in the press are continually lighting their hair on fire to call attention to conspiracy theories that tie President Donald Trump and Russia together in regards to collusion and election meddling.

All the while, the actual problems related to Russia’s efforts to disrupt things are being summarily dismissed by those same folks.

That lack of attention isn’t going to magically make the problem go away. In fact, it may be emboldening the Russians even further, as evidenced by what’s been uncovered deep in the heart of Texas.

Washington Examiner has the news.

U.S. intelligence officers say they have reason to believe as many as 50 undercover Russian citizens tried to register to attend the Texas Democratic Convention in what appears to be the first known attempt to meddle in the 2018 election, according to a report published Thursday.

“In the context of what we already know, the Texas case points to the broader Russian effort,” one senior intelligence official told NBC.

Exactly four dozen people tried to register for the Austin, Texas, convention and are not residents of Travis County or even Texas.

The Russian playbook has become readily apparent to anyone that chooses to pay attention to the facts as opposed to baseless narratives.

The country seems to get a kick out of sowing as much chaos as possible, and their efforts are not aimed at benefiting a specific political viewpoint.

Those facts were outlined perfectly by the Justice Department when it dropped indictments on Russian operatives for meddling, but those facts were completely glossed over by the Left.

The announcement of what nearly went down in Texas has been met with a similarly muted response.

The group of wannabe attendees are also not American citizens and their attempt to go to the convention is similar to previous Russian attempts to sneak into other U.S. election-related events, two current and three former senior intelligence officers told NBC.

Event officials in Austin say they made an unusual discovery earlier this year after noticing a number of applications to attend were not completely filled out or contained information that was obviously false.

Hats off to the officials that caught on to it before it metastasized into a bigger problem.

It’s high time for the Left to stop with the nonsense and refrain from sowing the seeds of discontent in our nation.

That’s exactly what Russia wants to happen, and it’s becoming rather alarming that those with Trump Derangement System haven’t caught on to that by now.