Somalia Just Showed The World How They Deal With Muslim Terrorists

Guess what they do with Muslim terrorists over in Somalia? Let’s just say they don’t turn them loose, with a pat on the back, and a see ya’ later, like President Obama.

In the case of two al-Shabaab terrorists who killed a journalist, a wife and mother of seven children, they sentenced them to life in prison.

The two terrorists appealed the court’s sentence of life imprisonment. They stood before the court and stated their case.

The judge considered all that they had to say, rolled it around in his brain, and decided that he agreed with them—life in prison was not fair. It was not fair to the public, that is.

So, instead of denying their appeal, he altered their sentence. They were bungee cord tied to some stakes on a beach and killed by firing squad. That’s justice. Something the world of radical Muslim appeasement does not have enough of right now.

somalia dealing with muslim terorrist

The men targeted Hindiyo Jaji Mohamed’s journalist husband four years ago, and were successful in their suicide attack. Hindiyo raised her children alone, and continued in her journalist career up until very recently when the terrorists laced her vehicle with explosives.

She died a hospital from injuries sustained in the blast, and now her children are orphaned. There was another Jihadist executed the same way some time ago. In that case, he was a journalist who went Jihadi, turned on his co-workers, and killed five of them.

With a country boasting a 99.8% Muslim populace, is it any wonder Somalia churns out terrorists?

Here’s a fun fact—Obama brings in Somali refugees to the tune of 700 per month. They are scattered about our nation, biding their time, until they get their orders to act. In fact, 34 of the Minnesota Somalis have run off to join ISIS and al-Shabaab.

This is what the refugee resettlement program is all about—infiltration by Jihadists and our president is 100% enabling it.

From: Mad World News