Right After Liberal Attacks, Ivanka Trump Just Gave Melania The Most Amazing Birthday Present Imaginable

It’s time to end all the media lies about the Trump family once-and-for-all.

They have been lying and saying Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump don’t get along.

Oh yeah?

Then how do you explain what Ivanka just did her beloved stepmom’s birthday?

I mean, honestly, This doesn’t look like it was sent out of hate…

Of course, this is exactly the kind of thing the Mainstream media loves to bury.

Why would they believe Ivanka Trump‘s own words when they could make up a BS story from some fake sources?

Leave it to Vanity Fair to publish a clearly crap story like this. Liberals are so desperate now it’s sad.

Remember when they tried to slut-shame Melania Trump for her past?

These people have no shame or morals.

And they trash Ivanka Trump with claims too horrible to even name.

Does this look like the “horrible monster” they want you to believe she is?

Nah, I didn’t think so either.

It really makes me sad to see the kind of stuff people are willing to make up about people they hate.

It’s even worse that they begin to believe their own lies.

Will you help Melania and Ivanka Trump prove they do love each other by Sharing this moving post everywhere?

Otherwise, these radical leftists really will win…