“Refugees” Think They Can Rape and Rob… Then the “Soldiers of Odin” Show Up


Many European nations have witnessed a sharp rise in the rates of violent crime, including rape and robbery, committed against their native populations, largely by the vast numbers of Muslim migrants and “refugees” who have flooded their countries recently.

While the progressive governments and liberal media outlets have done their worst to keep news of the horrible crime wave under wraps, the European people have seen and heard for themselves what is really going on, and some are now pushing back against those they view as violent invaders.

According to Truth Revolt, a vigilante group in Finland that call themselves the Soldiers of Odin, referencing the ancient Nordic god of war, have taken to patrolling the streets of Helsinki and other towns.

Spurred on by the many reports of rape, sexual assault, robbery and murder that local authorities seem reluctant to address, the rough and ready men are doing their best to make the streets and stores safe again for women, children and the elderly.

Of course, the liberal media has been working to discredit groups like the Soldiers of Odin, calling them a “case study in fear and suspicion” and an overreaction, with The Washington Post being at the forefront of the effort.

“(A) new far-right citizens group sprouting chapters across Finland. Its members are multiplying as this northern nation becomes a case study in the fear and suspicion gripping Europe after multiple sexual assaults allegedly committed by asylum seekers and others on New Year’s Eve,” the Post reported.

“These refugees do not respect our women,” said 33-year-old Ilkka, a member of the group that refused to divulge his last name. “I have four daughters, and they used to be safe in Finland. We need to do something about it.”

Authorities in European nations like Finland have neglected to fulfill their first duty, which is to protect their citizens, and instead have thrown open the doors to tens of thousands of people from a different part of the world, one that doesn’t share the same cultural values or societal norms.

Is it any wonder then that the people, tired of watching their governments ignore the problem or sweep it under the rug, are beginning to rise up and take matters of safety and security into their own hands?

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Somalia Just Showed The World How They Deal With Muslim Terrorists

somalia vs muslim terrorists

Guess what they do with Muslim terrorists over in Somalia? Let’s just say they don’t turn them loose, with a pat on the back, and a see ya’ later, like President Obama.

In the case of two al-Shabaab terrorists who killed a journalist, a wife and mother of seven children, they sentenced them to life in prison.

The two terrorists appealed the court’s sentence of life imprisonment. They stood before the court and stated their case.

The judge considered all that they had to say, rolled it around in his brain, and decided that he agreed with them—life in prison was not fair. It was not fair to the public, that is.

So, instead of denying their appeal, he altered their sentence. They were bungee cord tied to some stakes on a beach and killed by firing squad. That’s justice. Something the world of radical Muslim appeasement does not have enough of right now.

somalia dealing with muslim terorrist

The men targeted Hindiyo Jaji Mohamed’s journalist husband four years ago, and were successful in their suicide attack. Hindiyo raised her children alone, and continued in her journalist career up until very recently when the terrorists laced her vehicle with explosives.

She died a hospital from injuries sustained in the blast, and now her children are orphaned. There was another Jihadist executed the same way some time ago. In that case, he was a journalist who went Jihadi, turned on his co-workers, and killed five of them.

With a country boasting a 99.8% Muslim populace, is it any wonder Somalia churns out terrorists?

Here’s a fun fact—Obama brings in Somali refugees to the tune of 700 per month. They are scattered about our nation, biding their time, until they get their orders to act. In fact, 34 of the Minnesota Somalis have run off to join ISIS and al-Shabaab.

This is what the refugee resettlement program is all about—infiltration by Jihadists and our president is 100% enabling it.

From: Mad World News

VIDEO: ‘ISIS Hunters’ Discover Group Of Cowering Jihadists, ISIS Starts Balling


This is further proof that the ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab, al-li babba the tent maker, al-whatever, are nothing more than a bunch of cowards.

We are talking about a group of terrorist thugs who have to tie-up and/or cage their enemy before killing them. They would not know a fair fight if it punched them square in the face.

These videos show the ardent and fearsome ruggedness of these Arabic warlords as they attack the Kurdish YPG forces. The ISIS forces were caught, and the video shows them begging the YPG for their lives.

They cry and claim they were made to come by Turkey, and offered money and passports into Europe if they did (that last bit is interesting).

If they are let go, they will go home to their mommies (I thought they were getting passports…). They will pray that Allah protects the Kurdish land.

Geez…the sympathy…just not feelin’ it. These are low life scumbags who can be bought for a piece-of-eight.

These are masters at practicing the Taqiyaa, the art of lying. They would just as soon sell each other out than fight for one another’s lives.

Just because they are cowards, does not make them not deadly. The ISIS are the scourge of the earth. It’s too bad we don’t know if the YPG executed them. Hopefully so.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Bulgarian Badasses Catch Muslim Invaders, Give Politically Incorrect “Welcome”

bulgarian badasses muslim invaders

bulgarian badasses muslim invaders

Fed up with leftists and their “open doors” policy,” a group of Bulgarian conservatives decided to secure their own borders by patrolling for illegal migrants. However, immediately after running into a gang of invading Muslims from Turkey, the rightfully angry volunteers decided to introduce them to politically incorrect justice.

Although citizens’ arrests are illegal in Bulgaria, it hasn’t stopped indignant civilians from taking back their country from the leftists handing it over to asylum seekers who would rather establish a Sharia governance. In fact, some conservative men understand what it takes to protect their wives and children from an influx of gang rapists.

The Balkan Insight reports that a group of volunteers called the Organization for the Protection of Bulgarian Citizens are patrolling the forests lining the Bulgarian-Turkish border to stop Muslim migrants from illegally entering. The group’s efforts were brought to light after the television program “No Man’s Land” filmed the team arresting 23 illegal migrants.

In one video, a volunteer can be heard telling the invaders, “No Bulgaria for you” and “Go back [to] Turkey immediately.”

Refusing to cave to politically incorrect leftist politicians, police are not only grateful for the action taken by a group of Bulgarian citizens, they’ve decided to award them for their brave efforts in defending the border. Border police chief Antonio Angelov commended the men on Thursday, adding that it’s no simple task.

“I want to encourage them, because they have reacted very appropriately. The group [of migrants] was very calm, but it is not always like that,” Angelov told Bulgarian Nova TV. “This [volunteer patrolling] is very risky. It is not a child’s game.”

“Every Bulgarian citizen has the right to walk in the state’s forests. Stopping migrants and alerting the police is our civic obligation,” the Organisation for the Protection of Bulgarian Citizens said in a statement.

A young volunteer from Burgas explained that migrants almost always surrender without issue because they think the citizens are policemen, whom they believe will register them as asylum seekers. However, their desire for generous government benefits is quickly crushed when they find out they’re being detained and processed for deportation.

“If you are an illegal immigrant, we will send you back, one way or another,” a member of the squad, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, said. “But we do not want them registered here.”

Another Bulgarian named Dinko Valev also patrols his extensive rural property for Muslim illegals. The strongman from Yombol recently made headlines after fighting off and detaining 20 migrant on his land, earning him the nickname “Destroyer.”

Although bleeding-heart leftists would have us believe that these illegals are simply war-torn refugees evading persecution and terrorism, the proof is in their trek. Turkey is a safe haven for Muslim asylum seekers, especially considering how they demand to live in accordance with Sharia law. However, these migrants do not want to live comfortably in Turkey — they have been told of the alluring welfare the West offers without requiring assimilation, compensation, or much information for that matter.

When these citizens secure their borders, they’re securing their culture, heritage, government, values, and future. They’re denying outsiders the opportunity to use our freedoms to establish the very religious legislation that would do away with our freedoms.

Source: Mad World News

ISIS Has Put Out a New Magazine And It Contains This Disturbing Information

isis magazine

Consider yourself warned.

Now consider yourself reminded about that warning.

This was the message in the latest issue of Dabiq, the glossy online magazine published by ISIS since July 2014 dedicated to unity, truth-seeking, migration, holy war, and community in the wonderful world of jihad.

Calling Brussels a “battleground that will soon spread to the West,” the ISIS editors promised more terror attacks will follow the March 22 massacre that took the lives of 32 and left over 300 injured.

“What is yet to come will be more devastating and more bitter. Bullets and shrapnel will slash and pierce all those whom Allah’s soldiers reach. Bloodshed will not end, ISIS vows, until the rule of Allah reaches east to west and the Muslims walk undisturbed by the kāfir filth beneath them.”

The perpetrators of the bloody March 22 attacks in Brussels received attention usually reserved for superstars in magazine layouts with high praise for the bombers.

The magazine described killer Ibrahim El Bakraoui as a man “known for his bravery and generosity,” evidently perceiving blowing up innocent people whose only “crime” was traveling on a business trip or a family vacation as “brave.”

El Bakraoui’s brother, Khalid, was termed “a man of strong character, a natural leader,” in the ISIS publication that apparently sees murder as a test of character.

The third bomber, Najim Laachraoui, was praised for “possessing excellent manners,” presumably knowing which fork to use while dining the night before in celebratory anticipation of mass murder.

The issue also reiterated the ISIS mission of invading all non-believer lands, promising, “Any disbeliever standing in the way of the Islamic State will be killed, without pity or remorse, until Muslims suffer no harm and governance is entirely for Allah.”

The name of the magazine, Dabiq, is the site where ISIS believes the final battle between Muslims and “infidels” will take place.

From: US Herald

SHOCKER: These 15 States Have Over 15% Immigrant Population

states with immigrant population

The story of America is well-told – people fleeing brutal regimes and religious persecution, famine and poverty, lack of opportunity have found a new home here since 1607.

Long after the Puritans and Pilgrims, came Vietnamese “boat people.” Irish fleeing famine. Russians and Jews escaping pogroms. Greeks and Italians desperate for jobs. German craftsmen hoping to find work. Scandinavian farmers dreaming of owning their own land.

Despite coming from many different countries, they had something in common – to them, America was a land of freedom.

They entered the United States at Ellis Island and in San Francisco and found their way inland to work on railroads, farm in Minnesota, mine and tend sheep in Colorado, work in textile mills, as indentured servants, maids, and laborers.

These immigrants built strong communities, even as they learned English, sent their children to school, opened businesses, served in the military and became citizens.

They became Americans while honoring their heritage and culture – as anyone who has lunched at a deli, enjoyed baklava at a Greek restaurant, or celebrated Chinese New Year can attest.

Now, an analysis of government data by the Center for Immigration Studies has definitively shown the stark difference between the long tradition of immigration Americans knew for two centuries and the reality of today’s huge, unregulated flood across our border.

In 1970, 13.5 million immigrants and their minor children represented 1 in 15 residents, or less than 7 percent of the population of the U.S.

states with immigrant population

Today, more than 60 million represent nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population.

The change can best be seen in the change in state populations – in 1970, no state had more than a 15 percent immigrant population; today, 16 states exceed that, some by a large number.

The immigrant population in Texas has grown over 1,000 percent since 1970; North Carolina 3,000 percent, and George over 3,000 percent.

In fact, six states have more than a quarter of their population made up of immigrants, including Florida, Illinois, Nevada and New York; California’s population is 37 percent immigrant.

It may be a politically inconvenient truth, but immigrants coming to America in 2016 show little interest in becoming Americans, requiring accommodations to meet their religious and cultural rules, with some seeking to supplant the American justice system with one antithetical to the ideal of equality that lies at the heart of what it means to be American.

From: Liberty Unyielding

EXPOSED: Muslim Brotherhood Is Making Demands On Capitol Hill, This CANNOT Go Unnoticed!

muslims making demand on capitol hill

muslim brotherhood making demands

Since our founding America has always experienced subversive groups attempting to infiltrate and or influence our way of life, usually by sources out of government attempting to either influence those within low levels of government or perhaps infiltrate through clandestine ways.

However “never’ in the history of this nation has the chief architect been a high-ranking public official, let alone the President of The United States!

That’s where America finds itself today, on Monday the second annual National Muslim Advocacy Day was held on Capital Hill, and the subversive “front group” that was actually behind the event was President Obama’s own Muslim Brotherhood, the group that Obama personally removed from the terror watch list, and in which many of those members are being placed within strategic government positions.

According to the United States Council of Muslim Organizations, or USCMO, the purpose of the visit to Capitol Hill is to, “focus on promoting a legislative agenda in support of equality and social justice issues”

Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy and a former assistant secretary of defense under Ronald Reagan, penned an op-ed article on Monday that shined a light on the shadowy political group that sponsors the day of lobbying and activism for U.S. Muslims.

Gaffney said most congressmen were likely oblivious as to who is behind the USCMO and National Muslim Advocacy Day.

“The USCMO is the latest in a long series of front organizations associated with, and working to advance, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” Gaffney writes.

From: Western Journalism

THIS Is How Muslim Mother “Fixes” Rape Of 2-Year-Old Granddaughter By Grandfather

grandpa rapes granddaughter

Even in a religious culture that advocates the murder of victims as honorable, fathers and brothers are typically the perpetrators of horrific violence against female family members whose only crime was to be the victim of another, the killing of a child by its mother stands out as particularly unnatural and depraved.

Such a heinous act occurred recently in Sohag, Egypt when a mother of a two-year-old child took the life of her child rather than protect it from violent sexual assault by its own grandfather.

A Muslim mother identified only as “Merfat” was awakened by screams in the middle of the night and found her father, Faraj, in the act of raping her daughter.

Rather than acting out of a natural, protective instinct, the 23-year-old mother chose to shield her father from scandal as taught by Muslim theology and Sharia law.

Merfat told authorities that she took her daughter, little Grace Ahmed, from the grandfather, placed her in a tub and held her head under water until the child drown.

Alik Akhmim, Chief Detective of the police in Sohag told Egyptian reporters that “traces of blood” had been found in the little girl’s anus, evidencing the degree of force and injury the child endured at the hands of her mother’s father.

This kind of act is referred to as an “honor killing” thought to place the reputation of the family above that of any individual member, and which is used to punish the victim rather than hold the perpetrator accountable.

Murdering rape victims is common in countries and communities that adhere to Sharia law where the crime is rarely reported for fear of exposing the family to shame.

“Honor killing” is no longer limited to predominantly Muslim countries or the Middle East. According to a study commissioned by the United States Department of Justice, honor killings are on the rise in America as Muslim families immigrate and bring the barbaric practice with them.

The practice is now an even more concerning problem in the United Kingdom where 11,000 reported cases in the past five years are said to be merely the tip of the iceberg.

In the case of Grace Ahmed’s murder, at least, police have arrested her grandfather, Faraj, for rape and her mother, Merfat, for murder so that justice may, in fact, still be done, although far too late to save the child.

Source: Mad World News

Muslim Professor Says Islam Has “No Age Barrier” for Marriage & “No Apology” for Those Who Refuse to Accept it


In a shocking display of immorality and ignorance, a Muslim professor validated the concerns of all right-thinking, civilized and compassionate people in his comments about the religion’s practice of child marriage.

Muslim activist, Ishaq Akintola, the director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) and professor of Islamic Eschatology (the theological study of the “end times”) confirmed what has been long-known to Christians, Jews, and most Americans, but ignored by President Obama and liberal apologists: “There is no age factor in Islamic marriage and Muslims have no apology for those who refuse to accept this.”

Professor Akintola made his statements about child marriage in an interview with online “newspaper,” African Enquirer, and when asked point-blank by the interviewer, “Is child marriage permitted in Islam?” Akintola not only rationalized by saying that the practice is accepted by Sharia law and therefore beyond disapproval, he seized the opportunity to chastise other faiths for presuming to judge Islam and the Muslim way of life.

Even more shocking, the professor went on to proclaim that understanding among the faiths will be impossible “so long as non-Muslims continue to measure Muslims and their way of life by Christian, Buddhist or Confucianist yardsticks.”

Falling back on the flawed technique of “false equivalency” that is not even allowed in high school debate, Akintola attempted to compare the practices of non-Muslims and Muslims, suggesting that Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and others also practice objectively cruel and perverted “traditions,” saying, “Who are non-Muslims to be the judge of Muslims when every religious group has its own failings? How the Muslims do it is nobody’s business. Do we come into the church to criticize the way marriages are conducted?”

Professor Akintola concluded with a challenge to anyone who disagrees with child marriage, “Christians should stop attempts to impose their lifestyle on Muslims. We will never allow that.”

President Obama would do well to heed the professor’s words.

Source: Jihad Watch

Armed Homeowner Struggles With INSANE Legal Bills After Injured Intruder Takes Him to Court


In the long tradition of civil law, the right to protect one’s home and family has been recognized as a sacred right, so much so that it has been established as the so-called “Castle Doctrine,” which gives a person immunity from prosecution for using force, including deadly force, to defend against an intruder.

The law does not require a warning or a waiting period to determine the intent of the trespasser before taking action to defend against the intrusion.

Californian Joe Balistreri may have thought the law extended that protection to him when was faced with just that situation when he spent the night at his parents’ home.

Balistreri told CBS reporters in Foster City, California, “I heard the noise coming from the front door. I heard clicking, rattling of the door handle. I woke up my father, told him someone's trying to break into your house, where's your gun?”

Police reports showed that the intruder entered the home through the garage after attempting to come through the front door. “This guy is now in my house. There was no knocking, there was no announcement, there was no nothing,” Balistreri said.

Coming face-to-face with the 6’4” man in the darkened home, Balistreri fired three shots, wounding, but not killing the intruder.

Clearly, the “Castle Doctrine” applied, and Balistreri was not charged with a crime, but the intruder filed a civil suit to recover damages for his injuries sustained in the break-in.

A motion to dismiss the suit as frivolous was filed by Balistreri’s attorneys at the outset, but was denied and the case was tried on the “victim’s” defense that he was intoxicated at the time of the break-in and believed he was entering a friend’s house.

Eventually, the trial judge agreed with Balistreri’s defense, finding in his favor, but in the process, the intruder forced Balistreri to incur massive legal fees of more than $85,000, leaving him no other alternative than to start a GoFundMe page to beg for contributions.

“This guy put a huge burden on my shoulders,” Balistreri said.

He might well wonder if he would not have been better off had he been a better shot.

From: Freedom Outpost

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