Ricky Gervais Predicts Trump Victory: ‘People Are Tired of Being Told They Can’t Say Things’

Ricky Gervais angel
British funnyman Ricky Gervais predicts that Donald Trump will win the presidency in November because the GOP frontrunner is the “antidote” in a time of “peak political correctness.”

In an essay for the Hollywood Reporter, the 54-year-old creator of the hit sitcom The Office wrote that Trump has a good chance at winning the general election because he “hit a vein” in tackling American cultural and political discourse head-on.

“I’ll admit it, I like Donald Trump’s speeches,” Gervais began. “I’ve made my fortune out of playing delusional, middle-aged men who say stupid things, and people love them. But he’s beaten me.”

“Trump is better than David Brent,” the proudly politically incorrect comedian said, referring to his Office character.

Gervais added that Trump’s popularity is a product of the increasingly censored culture that exists in America in 2016.

“People are tired of being told they can’t say things, so he’s suddenly this poster boy for saying what’s on your mind, however terrible it is,” he wrote. “And it’s going to go the other way. Trump’s going to get in, and suddenly there’s going to be 32 Jon Stewarts. It’s cyclical; people build their different armies.”

Gervais wrote that he only recently came to the conclusion that Trump could win the presidency, but added that he “should have realized sooner.”

“We live a world where there are warnings on bottles of bleach — we have to tell people not to drink bleach. In that world, Trump can be president,” he wrote. “And in a sense, you get what you deserve. That’s democracy, baby! It’s just a really odd thing to have this man who’s meant to be the most powerful man in the world act like a Twitter troll.”

Gervais has plenty of experience being the target of perpetually offended social justice warrior-types. In January, the comedian was called “transphobic” and “sexist” by critics after he delivered a joke about Bruce Jenner’s transition while hosting the Golden Globes.

Gervais joked then: “I’m going to be nice tonight. I’ve changed, not as much as Bruce Jenner obviously – now Caitlyn Jenner, of course. What a year she’s had! She became a role model for trans people everywhere, showing great bravery in breaking down barriers and destroying stereotypes. She didn’t do a lot for women drivers. But you can’t have everything, can you? Not at the same time.”

In his THR essay, Gervais called criticism of the joke “ridiculous.”

“That joke is not transphobic at all, just like the Sex and the City joke [from a previous Golden Globes appearance] wasn’t ageist,” Gervais wrote. “You can’t just stick an ‘ist’ on the end of a subject and assume whenever that word is mentioned it is an ‘ist.'”

Read the rest of Gervais’ essay at the Hollywood Reporter here.

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Illinois DMV CAVES To Muslim Sharia Law!

Muslim Sharia Law

NEWSMAX and Fusion news reports the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will begin mailing fliers reminding Department of Motor Vehicle employees that “articles of faith” are legally permissible. The Chicago chapter of designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) complained that Muslim women also were being asked to remove head coverings for photos.

The flier reads:

The Secretary of State’s office recognizes and respects the increasing diversity of religions practiced by Illinois residents. Members of many religions, such as Islam and Sikhism, wear religious head coverings, also known as articles of faith.

While hats or head coverings are generally prohibited from being worn in photographs used on Illinois driver’s licenses and identification cards, customers may be photographed while wearing established religious head coverings. Photographs increase public safety. Examples of acceptable religious head coverings can be found in this flier.

It’s illegal to ask people to remove their head covering and the fliers will be a reminder for state employees to respect religious diversity, a spokesperson for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White tells Fusion.

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FBI Director BLASTS Hillary’s Claim That Email Probe Is Just A ‘Security Inquiry’

Hillary Clinton and FBI director

Hillary Clinton for months has downplayed the FBI investigation into her private email server and practices as a mere “security inquiry.”

But when asked Wednesday by Fox News about Clinton’s characterization of the bureau’s probe, FBI Director James Comey said he doesn’t know what “security inquiry” means — adding, “We’re conducting an investigation. … That’s what we do.”

The FBI director reiterated that he’s “not familiar with the term security inquiry” when told that is the phrase Clinton has used.

As for the timeline for the investigation, Comey, during a briefing with reporters, said he prefers doing the investigation “well” over promptly and said he’s not “tethered” to a schedule.

The briefing comes amid reports that FBI investigators have been meeting with top aides in Clinton’s inner circle, including Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. The interviews have stoked speculation that the investigation may soon be drawing to a close, in the heat of the 2016 political season.

Asked Wednesday if he would make a public report, regardless of whether criminal charges are pursued, Comey said he would not say at this time. But he said there are “no special set of rules for anybody that the FBI investigates.”

Clinton and her campaign team repeatedly have described the probe as a security inquiry. Most recently on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Clinton used the term when asked how she’d respond to people worried the FBI probe is a “big deal.”

“I say what I’ve said now for many, many months,” Clinton said. “It’s a security inquiry. I always took classified material seriously. There was never any material marked classified that was sent or received by me, and I look forward to this being wrapped up.”

The FBI probe is proceeding as Clinton tries to wrap up the Democratic presidential nomination. Though she leads by hundreds of delegates, she has not yet clinched the nomination and rival Bernie Sanders is vowing to take the fight to the convention – he fueled his own underdog bid with a primary win Tuesday in West Virginia.

There appear to be several moving parts in the FBI investigation.

Former State Department IT staffer Bryan Pagliano, who installed and maintained the server, has been granted immunity by the Department of Justice and is cooperating with the FBI.

In another development, the infamous Romanian hacker known as “Guccifer,” who was extradited to the U.S. to face cyber charges, recently told Fox News he easily breached Clinton’s personal email server in early 2013.

Fox News could not independently confirm the claims. But an intelligence source told Fox News last month that Guccifer, whose real name is Marcel Lehel Lazar, could help the FBI make the case that Clinton’s email server may have been compromised by a third party. Lazar told Fox News that he spoke with the FBI at length on the plane when extradited from Romania to Virginia last month.

Speaking from the Virginia jail where he’s being held, Lazar said the conversation was “80 minutes … recorded,” and he took his own notes. A government source confirmed that the hacker had a lot to say on the plane but provided no other details.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch also was asked earlier this week about the timeline for the Clinton email probe, but said she could not make any “prediction.”

Source: Fox News

Report: Islamic State Executes 21 Commanders After Recent Defeats

islamic state executes commanders
According to reports from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as related by the UK Daily Mail, the Islamic State went on a killing spree against its own commanders over the past three weeks, executing 21 of them for failure in Syria.

At least one of those executions was a public beheading, carried out after commander Abu Mustafa was caught trying to slip across the Turkish border. Another group of Islamic State commanders was put to death in early April for treason, allegedly because they gave away the position of a valued senior leader, who was killed by a coalition drone strike.

The Daily Mail also cites a report from Iraqi media that ISIS “killed 45 of their own fighters by locking them inside a forensic freezer after they attempted to flee during a battle in Iraq.” The frozen bodies were then put on display for consideration by other potential defectors.

isis executing its own failing commanders

With outright defection thus discouraged, ISIS fighters are reportedly “trying to dodge frontline duty by getting doctors to write them fake sick notes.”

Another grisly report from the Times of India claims that the cash-strapped terror state has been executing its own wounded fighters to harvest their organs for black-market sales.

According to this roundup of ISIS misery, morale among the head-choppers has cratered due to steep wage and benefit cuts, and electricity rationing, after economic-warfare airstrikes began hitting their oil and cash reserves. Islamic State income is down 30 percent, while they have lost about 22 percent of the territory in Iraq and Syria held at their peak.

terror group killed military chiefs

Unfortunately, the Islamic State is not just executing its own commanders. The Times of India report states that ISIS is draining blood and harvesting organs from its prisoners, as well as its own injured fighters.

Kurdish sources claimed last week that ISIS has executed at least 250 girls for “refusing to accept the practice of sexual jihad,” sometimes executing their families as well.

Also, despite its reversals of fortune, the Islamic State is still conducting murderous attacks, including a car bombing in Baghdad on Monday that killed at least 12 civilians.

Source: Breitbart

THE NEW AMERICA: Target Store Manager Confirms to Man He Can Use Women’s Bathroom (VIDEO)

use whichever bathroom

On the CoachDaveTV YouTube account, Dave Daubenmire uploaded a video Monday where he went to Target to get an employee there to explain to him their new policy regarding bathrooms.

The Target employee explained the policy to him by saying, “The policy that headquarters sent down was whatever you identify yourself as is the restroom you are welcome in.”

Daubenmire asked her what would prevent him from just walking into the women’s restroom.

She replied, “The only thing they sent to us, honestly, what you identify yourself as per gender is where you can choose to go to the restroom. There’s nothing from us that we can check… We don’t have permission or anything to do that.”

She then told Daubenmire that they are still waiting on “more information” on the new company-wide policy, but right now if he identified himself as a woman then he could go into the women’s restroom right now.

From Breitbart

UNREAL! Sharia Court EXPOSED by Activist in Undercover Sting Video!

the islamic sharia council

A shocking video shows activists exposing a Sharia Law court operating inside London – and outside British law.

The court, publicly known as the “Islamic Sharia Council,” is one of an estimated 100 Sharia law courts carrying out legal matters in the UK in accordance to Islamic law.

“These Sharia courts are popping up all over Britain and they are usurping our own legal system we have in this country,” activist and mayoral candidate Paul Golding said in the video. “All of these Sharia courts need to be closed down immediately.”

The activists pointed out a divorce proceedings flowchart posted on the wall of the court, and later a miniature courtroom is shown complete with Islamic law books and a desk for the Muslim judge, known as a qadi, to sit and preside over cases.

“They’re building a state within a state – their own legal system, laws, regulations and everything,” Golding added. “A lot of people have fought and died [for our country], yet these people come into our country and set up their own legal system.”

“Enough is enough.”

The Arbitration Act of 1996 does allow Muslims to mediate certain civil disputes in accordance to Sharia law, but now these Sharia courts are usurping power by claiming they can make legally binding decisions outside the British legal system.

“I feel betrayed by Britain,” a Muslim woman revealed. “I came here to get away from this and the situation is worse here than in the country I escaped from.”

And Muslims who refuse to participate in a Sharia court are targeted for intimidation or even violence.

“Though the Sharia Council is not yet legally recognized by the authorities in the UK, the fact that it is already established, and is gradually gaining ground among the Muslim community, and the satisfaction attained by those who seek its ruling, are all preparatory steps towards the final goal of gaining the confidence of the host community in the soundness of the Islamic legal system and the help and insight they could gain from it,” the Leyton Sharia Council proudly proclaims. “The experience gained by the scholars taking part in its procedures make them more prepared for the eventuality of recognition for Islamic law.”

Source: Info Wars

Muslim Refugees Say $6K A Month In Welfare Is Not Enough, Now They Demand You Pay For THIS

muslim refugees

Do you remember when Obama said that taking in the Middle Eastern refugees would add to our economy, and that we were just getting widows and orphans? Yeah, well, if we pay attention to what is happening in Austria it will illuminate us all as to what it is we can expect here.

An Afghanistan family of refugees, consisting of a mom, dad, and 9 children who range in age from 5-20 was welcomed into that country.

The family was given subsidy to start their new life, to the tune of $6,406.45 a month. Their annual salary for doing nothing in Austria is $72,877.40. Not being the dolts that Muslim refugees are portrayed to be, this fine family began working the system real fast.

In less than a month they began demanding tax payer funded in-vitro fertilization so they can have more kids. They want a pay raise…er, more kids to love on and raise.

This is what we can look forward to—large families, not widows and orphans, not skilled workers or brainiacs, but societal leaches who will be given a home, welfare, and all the amenities they will ever need before they even get off of the plane/boat.

In fact, the data cited by Mad World News indicates that <3% of Syrian refugees are capable of entering the job force. Afghanis come in slightly higher at <5% job-ready. As for Ethiopia, Sudan, and Pakistan, we are talking about <0.0% of work ability.

Get ready to pay more for the useless who will soon be among us.

Source: Mad World News

Saudi Family Therapist Explains Why Wife-Beating Is A Good Thing

why wife-beating is a good thing

Spousal abuse is universal across all cultures, but only in Islam is it given divine sanction, both in the Qur’an and in Muhammad’s example:

“Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

Muhammad “struck me on the chest which caused me pain, and then said: Did you think that Allah and His Apostle would deal unjustly with you?” — Aisha (Sahih Muslim 2127)

“Saudi Family Therapist Khaled Al-Saqaby Gives Advice on Wife Beating, Says: Women’s Desire for Equality Causes Marital Strife,” MEMRI, February 24, 2016:

In an online video, Saudi family therapist Khaled Al-Saqaby imparted advice on marital strife. Beating one’s wife, said Al-Saqaby, should be intended as a means of discipline, rather than to vent one’s anger, and should be carried out not with a rod or a sharp object, but with a tooth-cleaning twig or a handkerchief. “Unfortunately, some wives want to live a life of equality with their husband,” he said. “This is a very grave problem.” The video was posted on the Internet on February 24, 2016.

BREAKING: Obama Just Announced That He Will Be Forcing You To Compensate Blacks For Slavery

compensate blacks for slavery

According to a recent report from Fox Business News, the White House is about to make a highly controversial move.

“The news is a glimpse of much bigger news that is going to come from the White House, next year, I’m leaning towards,” host Charles Payne told viewers of Making Money. “I think that there’s going to be an official apology from the White House to slavery in America and then a major push to get cash, and I’m talking lots of cash.”

Payne’s comments confirm speculation that a policy like this has been in the works for years.

“Many including those closest to President Obama will push him to make this happen,” Payne continued. “I actually think it would be a major mistake. Instead, Obama should really discuss and focus on all the progress we have made and how all Americans need to move forward for better days for all of our kids.”

What do you think? Is Obama setting a terrible example for our children?

From America News

ISIS hacks Michigan church website: “We will break your crosses and enslave your women by permission of Allah”

isis hacks michigan church

What did this church do to attract the jihadis’ attention? Did one of their clerics host a Muhammad cartoon contest? They must have provoked the poor dears in some way. Everyone knows that jihadis would all be stockbrokers if only we wouldn’t keep poking them in the eye. When will the churches learn to submit properly? Oh wait, the submission is already in full swing: “Attendance to the church’s next sermon was of only six people.” The West, especially the churches, appears to be populated almost entirely today by cowards and trimmers. Unless this changes, total surrender will not be long in coming.

“Church Website Defaced with Ominous Jihadi Message,” by Catalin Cimpanu, Softpedia, April 25, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Late Friday afternoon, pro-ISIS group the United Cyber Caliphate has defaced the website of the Lamont Christian Reformed Church in the city of Lamont, near Coopersville, Michigan.

A 15-year-old teenage girl discovered the website’s defacement while searching for the church’s phone number, according to local TV station FOX17.

The defacement consisted of a YouTube video and written Arabic text. The YouTube video is a famous ISIS recruitment material from Abu Muhammad al-Adnani al-Shami, the official spokesperson and a senior leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The video was published many years ago, but it’s still ominous even today, with al-Shami saying “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses and enslave your women by the permission of Allah, the Exalted. This is His promise to us, He is glorified and He does not fail in His promise.”

C.C.S. Technologies, the company in charge of the church’s website restored the site the following day. Attendance to the church’s next sermon was of only six people….

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