Black Lives Didn’t Matter To These Two Dads Who Murdered Their Children

two dads murdered children

Do Black Lives Matter to #BlackLivesMatter? I have yet to be convinced.

They don’t care about the 70% of blacks born without fathers. They don’t care about the blacks being gunned down as a result of gang violence. They don’t care about the poor quality of inner city schooling that’s failing an entire generation of blacks.

To liberals, black lives only matter for the purpose of furthering political narratives. Case in point – here’s yet another case that BLM won’t even mention. Downtrend reports:

For some reason the Black Lives Matter discussion can never involve the people who actually take the most black lives: other black people. They should change the name of the movement to “Black Lives Matter Sometimes.” Just this week there have been two black men who murdered their own young children and there isn’t a peep of outrage to be found. If a white police officer had killed a violent black suspect it would be lights out, but black guys kill black babies and nothing.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that on Sunday Darrylone Shuemake Sr. (left) got into an argument with the mother of his 5-year old son. Because he has never attended anger management classes, he settled the fight by dousing the bedroom with an accelerant and setting it on fire.

He then left the Vellejo, CA home, perhaps not understanding that fire spreads. The blaze ended up killing the couple’s young son Dayleon Seil-Shuemake and injuring his 13-year-old brother. Baby mama Lametricias “Mickey” Seil-Flood suffered third-degree burns over most of her body. Shuemake was arrested and charged with murder.

A couple of days later in Missouri, as reported by CNN, another domestic situation ended in a similar tragedy. Diata R. Crockett (right) forced his wife and 3 of their 6 children into a rental car at gunpoint. When the vehicle stopped, the mother took the opportunity to exit the vehicle and run away with the couple’s 8-month-old son in her arms. Crockett got out and shot at the fleeing woman, but hit the baby instead.

A passing motorist picked up the woman and the wounded child and drove them to the hospital. Crockett gave chase and tried to run the Good Samaritan’s car off the road. At the hospital, 8-month-old Reign Crockett died from the gunshot wound inflicted by his own daddy.

I suppose if these men were police, then it would’ve mattered? BLM “logic” is hardly logical.

Source: Freedom Daily

Al Qaeda Just Released Their HORRIFYING New Plan To Attack America

Al Qaeda released their horrifying new plan
Originally reported by Fox News:

The latest release of the Al Qaeda online magazine Inspire calls on would-be jihadists to target American business leaders and entrepreneurs, in an attempt to undermine the American economy, according to analysts who monitor web chatter from the jihadist organization.

The newest edition of the magazine, obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), features a cover with the headline “Professional Assassinations.” The cover displays a hooded killer watching an upscale home from the outside.

Additional photos include Microsoft founder Bill Gates, covered in blood with a pistol nearby.

MEMRI quotes Inspire’s editor, Yahya Ibrahim, as opening the issue by saying “assassination is an effective toll in warfare,” and notes that “The prophet ordered the killing of many criminal leaders using this method … And here we are, following the footsteps of the prophet on how he dealt with his enemies and friends.”

Ibrahim also states that the focus of the previous issue of Inspire was what he named “workplace” assassinations, and says he hopes to expand on the same topic in the current issues, in hopes of more training and preparation of a “professional” type of lone wolves.

“We will never put down our weapons until we fulfill what Allah wants from us. We are determined to keep fighting and striking Americans with operations by organized jihadi groups and by Lone Jihad, [and] pursuing America in its homeland — by the will of Allah,” MEMRI quotes Ibrahim as saying.

MEMRI also said an analysis of the issue “provides detailed information and instructions on preparing for and carrying out various targeted assassinations. It stresses that an assassin should possess different options to carry out an attack, which gives him or her a greater chance for success, and elevates the operation to a more ‘professional’ level.”

Additionally, the magazine features a section on bomb-making and encouraging the emulation of the Palestinian stabbing of Israelis by waking up Americans and stabbing them to death.

Source: Fox News

ISIS Terrorists Try to Stone a Woman to Death for Adultery. Then There Was a Miraculous Intervention.

woman stoned to death

Another example of the brutality of ISIS was demonstrated by the group’s strict interpretation of Islamic law. Despite the harsh nature of the ISIS-law, a Syrian woman, sentenced by ISIS to be executed by stoning, was able to miraculously escape the ordeal.

woman stoned to death

The woman was sentenced to be stoned for committing adultery in the ISIS controlled area of northern Syria this past Friday according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The sentence was carried out by a group of gunmen in the small town Raqqa.

After the identified woman was pelted by heavy stones and thought dead by her executors, she stood up and began to walk away. When one of the jihadi attempted to capture her again, he was stopped by an Islamic jurist.

“Her sentence is done, let her go and repent to her God.” The jurist said.

Some claim that it was “God’s will” that she survived her punishment for the crime of adultery:

“An IS militant was about to open fire at her when an Islamist jurist intervened and stopped him saying it was God’s will that she did not die,” The Observatory said about the execution by stoning.

Other women have not been as fortunate. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 15 people, 9 of which have been women, have been executed by ISIS in Syria since…..


43 “Republicans” Just Approved Obama’s Disgusting Bathroom Law And We’re Officially Sick!

Obama's disgusting bathroom law

I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that Obama thinks this is a normal thing or the fact that 43 Republicans just agreed with him.

Look, we all have different viewpoints and as I’ve said before, opposing viewpoints are good for society and the growth of a country. However, there are limitations to those views and when you’re talking about something as depraved and disgusting as co-ed bathroom sharing, then something needs to be stopped. No amount of talking it out would benefit society.

So imagine our surprise when we just learned that 43 “Conservatives” just APPROVED Obama’s disgusting law that men can enter the women’s bathroom. Apparently the privacy and safety of women and children don’t mean anything to these sickos.

Here's a list of all those involved:

Amash (MI)
Brooks (IN)
Coffman (CO)
Costello (PA)
Curbelo (FL)
Davis, Rodney (IL)
Denham (CA)
Dent (PA)
Diaz-Balara (FL)
Dold (IL)
Donovan (NY)
Emmer (MN)
Fitzpatrick (PA)
Frelinghuysen (NJ)
Gibson (NY)
Heck (NV)
Hurd (TX)
Issa (CA)
Jolly (FL)
Katko (NY)
Kinzinger (IL)
Lance( NJ)
LoBiondo (NJ)
MacArthur (NJ)
McSally (AZ)
Meehan (PA)
Messer (IN)
Paulsen (MN)
Poliquin (ME)
Reed (NY)
Reichert (WA)
Renacci (OH)
Rooney (FL)
Ros-Lehtinen (FL)
Shims (IL)
Stefanik (NY)
Upton (MI)
Valadao (CA)
Walden (OR)
Walters, Mimi (CA)
Young (IA)
Young (IN)
Zelda (NY)

Feel free to reach out to each and every one of them and flood their phones, emails, and regular mail with your disgust. I’ll be doing the same thing.

From the Conservative Review:

Late Wednesday night, Republicans allowed a vote on an amendment from Rep. Sean Maloney, D-N.Y., which codified Obama’s executive order 13672 making transgenderism the law of the land.Obama’s executive order, promulgated in July 2014, instructed bureaucrats to sever contracts with companies that don’t follow the Obama-mandated sexual identity agenda.This could include companies that don’t allow men into women’s bathrooms in their private corporate offices. The Maloney amendment to the $37.4 billion FY 2017 Energy & Water Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5055) codified that unilateral act into law.

The amendment passed 223-195 with 43 Republicans supporting it. The GOP House just supported arguably the most radical Democrat agenda item in the dead of night.

Click the link below to read more

Source: Conservative Review

BUSTED! Trump Just Caught Crooked Hillary Lying Again And DESTROYS HER!

Hillary Clinton lying again

Here’s a video Hillary is going to want GONE…

Back when the Republican primary was still competitive, we were constantly reminded by Trump’s competitors that in a theoretical head to head against Hillary Clinton, he would lose.

Trump would often reply that in regards to Hillary, he hadn’t even started attacking her yet. Given how quickly he was able to destroy his Republican competition, most of us were excited to see him turn his attention on her.

The attacks have already begun, and Conservative Post has the latest:

The Internet war between Hillary and Trump has started.

Trump is releasing a series of video confronting Hillary’s lies…

And guess what? It’s working.

For the first time, polls are showing Trump beating Hillary, on average.

Trump beating Hillary on polls

Source: Freedom Daily


THIS IS AN INVASION! Obama Flooding The U.S. With Muslim Migrants

Obama flooding the U.S. with Muslim Migrants

Obama is turning the U.S. into an Islamic nation. That’s his goal. He wants to see the destruction of America. This is his legacy folks.

In fact..this is what the left wants. I hope we can stop this madness before America is gone.

From Breitbart

The number of green cards the Obama administration granted to migrants from the Middle East increased dramatically over a single year, according to a new analysis of recently published government data.

Middle East green cards increased

In a chart slated for release later today, the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest highlight a 32 percent increase in the number of migrants from Middle Eastern countries granted Legal Permanent Resident status from Fiscal Year 2013 to FY 2014. Read More


Malik Obama - Barrack Obama's eldest brother

No love lost between siblings, am I right?

In a new interview, Obama’s half brother, Malik Obama, absolutely went off on the president calling him dishonest, and a disappointment.

Now this is coming from a family member – I can only imagine how horrible Obama is in real life.

Here’s the full interview:

What do you think? Do you agree with him that President Obama is a terrible person? Let’s hear it in the comments!

Source: Yes I'm Right

ISIS Just Released A Very TELLING Message Directed At People Who Say “Islam Is A Religion Of Peace”

ISIS released a very telling message

Islam was not a religion of peace even for a day was the message given out by Abu Salha al Hindi, a former Indian Mujahideen operative who features now in a video that was released allegedly by the ISIS.

A video that is over 10 months old was released by members of the ISIS from India in what is being seen as a desperate attempt to spread their propaganda in the country.

There has been an attempt by the Indian government to counter the ISIS narrative by roping in the moderate Muslims to spread the message of peace in a bid to stop recruitment into terrorist outfits. However, the ISIS video looks to counter the same.

Islam never a religion of peace: The video clip has several Indians speaking in it. There are brazen messages and attempts made to belt out sentiments by quoting Babri or Godhra. However the most desperate attempt is made by Abu Salha who tries to counter the narrative that Islam is a religion of peace.

In the video he is heard saying,  “stop listening to those who say Islam is a religion of peace. It was never a religion of peace. It was not a religion of peace even for one single day. Those who say Islam is a religion of peace are cowards. Are you all cowards to listen to these persons,” he also states.

Continue reading…

MIRACLE: ISIS About To Behead a Child, When Suddenly It Starts Raining Brains

ISIS beheading a kid

The lovely “religion of peace” has struck again, this time targeting a town on the Syrian-Turkish border, where they quickly spread their version of peace and sent the town into chaos. But this time the barbarians targeted Shiite Muslims, as they view any other Islamic sect as “infidels.”

ISIS beheading a kid

According to a military source, ISIS began beheading people in the community who would not denounce their faith, brutally beheading all who dared to oppose them. The militants then set their sites on a father and his 8-year-old son.

What these psychopaths didn’t plan on however, was that an Iraqi spy had tipped off the British Special Forces, specifically, members of the Special Air Service (SAS). The soldiers arrived shortly after the executions began, and from their perch about a half a mile away, could see the horror ensuing from their binoculars.

“Through binoculars, the soldiers could see that the crowd were terrified and many were in tears,” the military source recounted.

That’s when an ISIS leader flanked by two of his militants with AK-47s in hand, picked the father and son from the crowd, forcing them to their knees.

“A tall bearded man emerged and drew a long knife,” the source continued. “He began addressing the crowd and slapping the father and his son around the head and kicking them onto the floor.”

But the special forces sniper from his perch 1,000 meters away had other plans. Just over half a mile out (about 1000 meters), the sniper was amazingly able to squeeze off the .50 caliber round that would instantly kill the executioner, just in time to save the day.

“The ISIS thug who was about to decapitate the father was shot in the head and collapsed,” the military source said. “Everyone just stared in confusion.”

But the sniper still wasn’t quite done fricking up ISIS’ day.

“The sniper then dispatched the two henchmen with single shots – three kills…..


Obama Regime Increases Green Cards For Muslim Migrants

Obama increases green cards for Muslims

The left hates this country. No doubt about that! The Obama regime is enjoying watching the downfall of America. Ever notice how it is always Muslims? How many Christians has the Obama regime allowed into this country?

Before It’s News reports: In the month of April, Barack Obama let 451 Syrian refugees into the country. This is the largest number brought into the country in a given month. Only one of them was a Christian. That says it all!

From The Daily Caller

Newly published government data reveals the Obama administration increased the amount of green cards given to Middle Eastern migrants by one-third from 2013 to 2014, with the increase largely going to those from countries with high support for Sharia law.

The Department of Homeland Security granted Lawful Permanent Resident — green card — status to 103,901 migrants from countries in the Middle East in Fiscal Year 2014. Read More

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