President Trump Said What He Wants To Use Our Massive Military To Do Immediately – Libs EXPLODE In Rage

President Trump

President Trump has once again outsmarted everyone!

As we all pretty much had given up on winning after President Trump signed the outrageous trillion dollar omnibus spending bill on Friday morning we can now say that with this president not everything is as it seems.

Today on social media the president offered a new way of getting funding for the border wall which both Republicans and Democrats in Congress refuse to fund.

On Twitter, the president pointed out that the border wall is, in fact, a national security issue. It’s a threat to our jobs via low wage workers.

A threat to our safety via enemy combatants and gang members coming in undetected, and a threat because of the drugs which are coming in through our now unsecured border.

And since the wall is a matter of security, Trump can allocate ALL of the money needed for the $18 billion border wall from military spending from the omnibus bill he just signed!

Trump didn’t even have to give amnesty to anyone in order to get the money for the wall! It’s a win-win!

The bill itself does provide $1.6 billion for wall construction. But it severely limits the money to be used for shoring up parts of the existing barrier.

And although it does provide funds for new fencing, it also explicitly prohibits a concrete barrier or construction of any type, including the prototypes President Trump considered during his trip to the California border last month.

But Trump fooled Dems & got all of the money for the wall in the form of defense spending.

President Trump has done many great things since taking office. But perhaps the most important thing he has done is he has shown the American people how corrupt both political parties are.

The Republicans own the house and senate and they still can’t manage to get done what the people elected President Trump to do. And sadly he can’t do it alone? Or can he?

More on the southern border wall via CNS:

‘In both his National Security Strategy released today and the speech he delivered at the Ronald Reagan Building explaining it, President Donald Trump said the United States will build a wall along the southern border as part of the first pillar of his plan, which focuses on protecting the American homeland and way of life.

“We will secure our borders through the construction of a border wall, the use of multilayered defenses and advanced technology, the employment of additional personal and other measures,” said the president’s formal strategy document.

He reiterated the point in his speech.

“First, we must protect the American people, the homeland and our great American way of life,” Trump said.

“This strategy recognizes that we cannot secure our nation if we do not secure our borders.

“So, for the first time ever, American strategy now includes a serious plan to defend our homeland,” said Trump.

“It calls for the construction of a wall on out southern border, ending chain migration and the horrible visa and lottery programs, closing loopholes that undermine enforcement, and strongly supporting our Border Patrol agents, ICE officers, and Homeland Security Personnel.”

Breaking Out Of Washington: Turns Out It Was Obama, Not Comey!

it was Obama not Comey

This is unbelievable! It’s being reported in major media outlets that the press has had it wrong this entire time…

It wasn’t then-FBI Director James Comey or then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s decision to not prosecute Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server.

The decision was actually made by former President Barack Hussein Obama.

Per National Review:

From the first, these columns have argued that the whitewash of the Hillary Clinton emails caper was President Barack Obama’s call — not the FBI’s, and not the Justice Department’s.

The decision was inevitable. Obama, using a pseudonymous email account, had repeatedly communicated with Secretary Clinton over her private, non-secure email account.

If classified information was mishandled, it was necessarily mishandled on both ends of these email exchanges.

If Clinton had been charged, Obama’s culpable involvement would have been patent. In any prosecution of Clinton, the Clinton–Obama emails would have been in the spotlight.

For the prosecution, they would be more proof of willful (or, if you prefer, grossly negligent) mishandling of intelligence.

More significantly, for Clinton’s defense, they would show that Obama was complicit in Clinton’s conduct yet faced no criminal charges.

Hillary Clinton Fox News

On June 30, 2016, Senator Ron Johnson cited an FBI-drafted letter which indicated that Obama was knowingly aware of Clinton’s misuse of the email server:

We also assess that Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email domain was both known by a large number of people and readily apparent.

She also used her personal email extensively while outside the United States, including from the territory of sophisticated adversaries.

That use included an email exchange with the President while Secretary Clinton was on the territory of such an adversary.

While it’s shocking to learn that traitor-in-chief Barack Obama was ultimately behind Clinton’s exoneration, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Ever since Obama picked Clinton to be his Secretary of State, those two have been thick as thieves. Their minions at the FBI are really little more than pawns in a much larger chess game.

Now the question remains, will Obama be brought to justice for this crime and the others he has committed? That, ultimately, is up to Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice.

For now, we can only pray and share this information with our friends and family. The more public pressure there is, the more likely that Mr. Sessions will act.


Days After Accepting Job From Trump, Bolton Makes Move Against Corrupt Politicians We’ve All Been Waiting For

John Bolton makes move against corrupt politicians

Trump finally had enough with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

Now, John Bolton is the guy advising Trump on national security and while no one is a fan of Bolton’s stance on the Iraq War there is no denying that Bolton is a smart guy who has a lot to offer.

From Washington Examiner:

The White House national security team, already facing calls for the ouster of top adviser H.R. McMaster, was tagged by a key lawmaker with leaking confidential notes ordering President Trump not to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin for his election win.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., a conservative leader and foreign policy expert, expressed outrage at the leak and suggested that it and others thought to come from the national security council are crimes.

“Here’s the big deal. If you’ve got the national security council team leaking to the press, that’s a big deal,” he told reporters at a Heritage Foundation-sponsored “Conversations with Conservatives” on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

And now, Bolton is apparently ready to put an end to the leaks.

From Washington Examiner:

Incoming national security adviser John Bolton is reportedly poised to remove dozens of White House officials when he starts his new job early next month.

Among those who will get the boot will be Obama administration holdovers and anyone who isn’t loyal to President Trump, sources told Foreign Policy.

“Bolton can and will clean house,” one former White House official was quoted as saying.

Amazing move.

It’s mind-boggling that Obama holdovers are even still part of the Trump administration. How could you possibly trust political enemies to keep this information private?

It would be nice if we lived in a world where political affiliation didn’t matter but that’s just not how things are these days thanks to liberal divisiveness.

If Bolton continues to display an understanding of the fact that the government is actively working against Trump and trying to stop his agenda then we should be in pretty good shape. Nice to see the firings happen so fast.

Jimmy Carter recently came out and bashed Trump for hiring Bolton.

From CBS News:

Former President Jimmy Carter says President Trump’s choice of John Bolton as his new national security adviser is “the worst mistake” Mr. Trump has made.

“I have been concerned at some of the things he’s decided. I think his last choice for national security adviser was very ill-advised. I think John Bolton has been the worst mistake he’s made,” Carter told “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell Monday. Bolton will be Mr. Trump’s third national security adviser since taking office.

If Jimmy Carter says you did something wrong then that’s proof you made the right choice.

Serious Questions Raised After New Photos Surface Of David Hogg Before Shooting

Parkland survivorDavid Hoggs

David Hogg has become the liberal media’s darling when it comes to gun control, gun marches and rallying against the NRA.

So much so that one has to wonder why they gravitated toward him, immediately, after the tragedy that unfolded in Parkland, FL last month.

One conservative website introduced a theory that had the internet bouncing with reactions surrounding David Hogg’s rise to liberal media prominence…

True Pundit reported:

Things keep getting stranger with young David Hogg.

First, we learn the mainstream media’s school shooting darling is the son of an FBI agent (retired).

Then he goes on television ranting against President Trump when the deadly Florida school shooting last week — it turns out — was more the fault of the FBI than anyone even close to the White House.

Hogg ranted live on CNN and CBS and all other networks as his anti-Trump and anti-GOP gun control comments went viral in the mainstream media vacuum.

Liberal Nation applauded.

But now we learn Hogg was hanging out at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, GA sometime Before the school shooting. Before the shooting.

Posing behind an news anchor desk? Perhaps Hogg’s career dream is to sign on with the network — a young Jake Tapper — as he has portrayed himself since the deadly shooting that claimed 17 students as a “student journalist and entrepreneur.”

Welcome to the Big Leagues.

Hogg goes on CNN live

Then after, Hogg goes on CNN live to rant about Trump and the conservatives.

Beyond coincidence.

Hogg also likes to sport his CNN T-shirt to school and beyond. (Editor’s note: this picture appears to be Hogg on a tour at the “World of Coke” exhibit in Atlanta, GA)

Hoggs wearing CNN shirt

You can cut the irony with a chainsaw it is so thick here.

The Deep State media strikes again.

The kid who has been running his mouth about how Donald Trump and the GOP are teaming to help murder high school kids by upholding the Second Amendment is the son of an FBI agent.

David Hogg is a school shooting survivor in Florida. At least that is what the mainstream media has told us. We wouldn’t be surprised by anything involving the FBI at this point.

From Deep State CBS News:

“David Hogg was in school when the Parkland, Florida, shooting started. His father is a retired FBI agent, so he recognized immediately that this was a gun. Here’s what he did:”

And while the media allowed Hogg to adorn us with his worldly teen views on the Constitution, they conveniently left out the part where the FBI was warned that the Florida school shooter had promised to shoot up a school — at least twice — long before the massacre that killed 17 students last week.

If Hogg knew the shooter would snap — as he and other students have professed — perhaps he could have told his father about it.

Oh but wait, his father was in the FBI.

It would not have mattered anyway.

That’s the funny thing about the limelight, kid.

Often the lights can come crashing down on your head.

President Trump Smells Something Fishy! Catches The Treacherous RINO, And It’s Not Paul Ryan

President Trump smells something fishy

For a considerable length of time, there have been thunderings about a supposed ‘deep state’ that hauls the strings off camera on our federal government.

While there has been sufficient proof exhibited to help that hypothesis, individuals from the establishment persistently reject the cases as though they were something taking after paranoid delusions.

Tragically for the elitists of the world, it’s ending up considerably all the more trying for them to cover their tracks.

Numerous people are very much aware that there are dreadfully numerous things that don’t notice right, including the majority of the babble anti-Trump talk that contaminates airwaves.

Mediaite gives an account of a Republican who’s been assisting Deep State Democrats with their filthy work:

As Fox News’ The Five discussed the Democratic rebuttal memo and Christopher Steele this afternoon, guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy questioned Marco Rubio‘s defense of a Democratic colleague.

Last night Fox News broke news of top Senate Intel Committee Democrat Mark Warner texting the lobbyist for a Russian oligarch in an attempt to contact Steele.

Rubio subsequently tweeted, “Sen.Warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago. Has had zero impact on our work.”

So as the hosts talked today, Campos-Duffy said, “Marco Rubio in this is also very interesting.

Marco Rubio, Senator Burr––why are they covering for Mark Warner? What’s going on? How deep is the deep state? Does it run through the Senate?”

Campos-Duffy’s perception was discredited by co-host Greg Gutfeld, however, her point was made.

For what reason did Rubio instantly get so cautious over an arbitrary report from a trustworthy outlet?

All things considered, he doesn’t have all that much to say in regards to the day by day ambush that the press releases on Trump.

Campos-Duffy then suggested, “Maybe it’s not deep state, but maybe he’s really angry still about what happened on the campaign trail…

Why would a Republican member of this committee think it’s okay for a Democrat to go and meet with Russians… without telling the committee? I think it’s really weird.”

It’s a decent point from Campos-Duffy, and it’s likewise simply the most recent case of a huge amount of strange things that have become exposed with respect to the nonsense Trump-Russia examination.

Gradually yet unquestionably, it creates the impression that the dance is just about up for those that have made a special effort to harm the well.

Trump is inching closer and nearer to being totally vindicated, and the deep state seems, by all accounts, to be not as much as satisfied about that.

Tucker Finally Had Enough Of David Hogg, Took Him Down On National TV

Tucker Carlson took down David Hogg on national tv

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, the left has waged a proxy war on guns. And they’ve done so with child soldiers.

The most prominent of these has been David Hogg. If you’ve been anywhere near a TV, computer, smartphone or newspaper these past few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly seen Hogg, whose only compelling argument is that he survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and that you need to listen to him.

Whenever someone calls Hogg out on the fact that being a shooting survivor does not make one an expert on constitutional law, gun policy, school security, or really anything other than your own experience, they’re called insensitive — almost as if the left is hiding behind these child soldiers, using them as human shields.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has had enough of this line of thinking.

On his Friday show, in an analysis of the rhetoric of David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez — two of the most vocal anti-gun Stoneman Douglas students — Carlson called them extremists who are “definitely not fit to be making policy for the rest of us.”

“A handful of teens from Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, they have a right to their views, obviously. This is a given,” Carlson said.

“But the rest of us also have rights including the right to assess what they are saying and decide whether it ought to become law to which we are subject. These are not religious figures; we are not the faithful. We’re all citizens here. Let’s take a look at what they are saying and decide if it’s a good idea or not.”

Carlson went on to play Hogg’s infamous profanity-imbued interview with The Outline.

“Sell more guns, murder more children, get re-elected. That is David Hogg’s view of the other side of the debate,” Carlson said.

“Emma Gonzalez, meanwhile, another celebrated survivor the shooting basically agrees with that. She recently said in a speech, quote, ‘I don’t really care what people who defend the Second Amendment have to say.’

“Let’s take this seriously,” Carlson continued. “If you honestly don’t care what the people who disagree with you think, if you believe they want to ‘murder more children,’ who are you?

“Well, you’re angry. You’re definitely not fit to be making policy for the rest of us. You are by definition an extremist. You should not have power if you really believe anyone who disagrees with you is evil and wants to kill the innocent.”

He also went after those who want to hide behind Hogg and Gonzalez, or attack him for having the temerity to look at their rhetoric.

“Wait, you say, ‘Why are you picking on David Hogg? He’s only a kid, he shouldn’t be held to adult standards of reasoning or think critically about the consequences of what he espouses.’

“Well, yeah, exactly. He is a kid,” Carlson continued. “He has just been through unspeakable tragedy. And that’s why adults shouldn’t be using him or his friends to push their agendas to the rest of us.”

“This kid who saw unspeakable tragedy, he saw his classmates killed. And that’s exactly why he shouldn’t be involved in formulating a response to it. Because he is a kid. So you can’t simultaneously argue that you need to shut up and listen to him and if you don’t you’re bad which is what the left is arguing and that we shouldn’t take what he says seriously or literally.

“You kind of have to choose one,” Carlson concluded. “I’m happy to choose the first one.”

NEWS President Trump Shuts Down Obama’s Most Prized Financial Possession, Sends Liberals Scrambling

Trump shuts down Obama

While members of the liberal echo chamber look back glowingly on Obama’s presidency as if it was flawless, the story back here in reality is quite different.

Obama dropped a number of policies that hampered our nation as a whole, and they were completely glossed over by a mainstream press that was more concerned with how enchanting his rhetoric was during a speech or how sharp his golf game looked while on vacation.

Thankfully, President Donald Trump has been breaking out the dustpan whenever he can to clean up Barack’s liberal mess, and he just managed to sweep up another huge pile.

In short, Obama can officially kiss his financial legacy good-bye forever.

Daily Caller has the news.

The Trump administration unveiled a proposal Wednesday morning that would begin a substantive roll back of the broad, Obama-era banking regulation Dodd Frank.

The Department of the Treasury released a 57-page proposal that does not fully repeal Dodd Frank, keeping a crucial provision that allows the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to take control of an insolvent bank and restructure it using federal money.

The main purpose of Dodd-Frank was to prevent the failure of major banks. The thinking behind that is that such a thing would lead to a massive financial crisis.

While Dodd-Frank may have prevented that from happening, it doesn’t come close to address the real issue.

When financial powerhouses aren’t held accountable for their actions, they’ll continue building the house of cards as high as it can possibly go with nary a thought given to the possibility that it can come tumbling down at any second.

Trump’s proposal is a big step in the right direction, and the GOP-led Congress is on board.

The proposal does address banks filing for Chapter 14 bankruptcy, arguing for a more predictable, fair and streamlined process.

“The Chapter 14 framework would preserve the key advantage of the existing bankruptcy process—clear, predictable, impartial adjudication of competing claims—while adding procedural features tailored to the unique challenges posed by large, interconnected financial firms,” the proposal states.

Under the proposal, shareholders, management level employees and creditors would be on the hook for all losses under the bankruptcy filing.

In short, those responsible for the mess would be held accountable for their actions.

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be in the first place?

The Obama administration didn’t seem to think so, but his successor’s business background knows that accountability is crucial in order for any economy to survive.

Paul Ryan To Resign From Congress Imminently And Be Replaced By Top Conservative – DC Rumor

Paul Ryan to resign from Congress

Voters are growing sick of Paul Ryan- and he knows it. A Nevada politician revealed Monday that Ryan is thinking about resigning as Speaker of the House. People are already whispering about who might take his place.

“The rumor mill is that Paul Ryan is getting ready to resign in the next 30 to 60 days and that Steve Scalise will be the new Speaker,” Rep. Mark Amodei said.

“Now that is interesting because nobody has talked to members (of the U.S. House) on how they are going to vote (on new leadership)… Now, maybe they have talked to all of the members but me. I don’t know, so that is the rumor mill from last week.”

Scalise is the House majority whip. Less than a year ago he was shot during a congressional sports team practice. He’s a respected member of the Republican party.

Ryan, meanwhile, has been losing popularity for a while. He’s set up himself up against the president too many times.

“I don’t know. If I was just guessing, he wanted to do the tax-cut bill,” Amodei said, explaining why he thought Ryan might willing to resign now.

“You know, (former Speaker) John Boehner said the thing: ‘Hey, I checked all of the boxes I thought were important and I’m moving on to whatever else.'”

Republicans would be relieved if Ryan resigned. Although, he’s probably not disappearing from politics. A White House run seems likely.

“If it, in fact, is true, I know that Paul Ryan thinks he wants to play on the national stage in some capacity or another, so I don’t know what that means… You asked me so I’m going to answer you.

And my speculation is this: The White House and Paul Ryan would probably not be a great fit,” Amodei said.


Yes, You Read That Correctly. Construction On The Border Wall Will Begin Monday

construction on the border wall will begin

According to President Donald Trump, construction on the border wall will begin on Monday.

The President did not get the money that he asked for but says that he has enough to start with a down payment.

By underfunding the border wall and placing other restrictions on it, the Dems and the NeverTrumpers claimed a victory of sorts. We will see how that works out for them.

President Trump said Friday that construction of his promised border wall would start “immediately” after signing the omnibus spending bill, which included $1.6 billion in funding for the wall.

“We’re going to be starting work literally on Monday,” Trump said during an event Friday at the White House. “We have a lot of money coming to the border.”

Trump had threatened earlier Friday to veto the spending bill Congress passed on Thursday because it did not include sufficient funding for the wall and because it omitted expiring protections for young, undocumented immigrants.

Although the White House requested $25 billion in funding for wall construction, lawmakers included just $1.6 billion in the final version of their omnibus.

That money can only go to fencing, however, and cannot be used to build a concrete wall anywhere along the border.

“Not happy with $1.6 billion for the wall,” Trump said.

Still, Trump described the sum as an “initial down payment” on the wall that would allow his administration to begin building it right away.

“This is short term funding, but it’s immediate,” Trump said.

The White House had attempted to trade three years of border wall funding for a three-year extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which Trump set to wind down on March 5.

However, Democrats rejected the deal because they wanted the administration to provide a path to citizenship to everyone eligible for DACA, not just those who enrolled previously.

No DACA provisions ultimately ended up in the bill, and Trump blamed Democrats for preventing a legislative transaction that would have traded DACA for wall funding.

“They did not want DACA in this bill,” Trump said of Democrats.

Still, Trump described ………

Rapper Performs At Anti-Gun March… But Look What’s In His Criminal Background

rapper Vic Mensa sang for the gun control crowd

The problem with celebrities taking up political causes is that they’re not in touch with reality.

Either that or they’re literally too ignorant on a given subject (like firearms) to make a reasonable or respectable argument one way or another.

Or third, they’re total hypocrites. Like a famous rapper who just marched against guns, even though he has more than an interesting criminal background…

DailyWire reports:

On Saturday, rapper Vic Mensa sang for the gun control crowd at the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

One seeming irony: not only has Mensa owned guns, but he was arrested last year in Beverly Hills, California and booked on a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon.

Mensa had been pulled over in February 2017 for running a stop sign and having tinted windows.

He told police he had a gun in his car and showed them his concealed carry permit, but according to police, the permit was from another state. He was released on $35,000 bail after spending one night in jail.

In July 2017, according to TMZ, Mensa got two years probation after pleading no contest to carrying a concealed firearm in his car. The police dropped the second count of carrying an unregistered loaded firearm.

On Saturday, Mensa also told fellow rapper Killer Mike, who supports the Second Amendment, that he wanted to debate him about gun control. Mensa tweeted:

Killer Mike fired back:

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