Muslims Are TERRIFIED At NYPD’s Newest EPIC Weapon To Catch Muslim Terrorist!


The newest member of the New York City Police Department has finally shown her face. The little piglet oinked her way through her first day.

A piglet brandished with an NYPD jacket showed up to patrol with several police officers in Lower Manhattan. The police officers were seen posing for pictures with the cute little bundle.

The pictures were taken near the Apple Store in SoHo and the officer in question was one Grid Troci.

Several pedestrians went up to pet the pig which was being carried with a long red leash. Who could blame them, they are adorable.

Troci works with the community policing agency as a Neighborhood Coordination Officer. What better way to foster good relations than to share a love of animals with people.

One of the major tenants of Islam is that meat isn’t allowed to be eaten at certain times. Specifically, pig meat.

I can only imagine what radical Muslims are thinking right now with this new piglet walking the streets.

See some of the pictures below,


Two officers are playing with the pig below,

Police officers with the pig

Police officers with pig

Anyone who doesn’t think this is plain adorable is just crazy. Now instead of dogs all the time the police are utilizing pigs.

Considering how scary some people find German Shepard dogs it might just be the animal that could help to bring people together piece by piece. The NYPD is certainly finding creative ways in which they can reach out to the community.

But it might be that one community they won’t be reaching out to is the Muslim community. They won’t take too kindly to this pig parading the streets.

It could very well offend their delicate sensibilities. They might just call the police to have the pig banned. But it will never work, and then again who cares.