Muslim Professor Says Islam Has “No Age Barrier” for Marriage & “No Apology” for Those Who Refuse to Accept it

In a shocking display of immorality and ignorance, a Muslim professor validated the concerns of all right-thinking, civilized and compassionate people in his comments about the religion’s practice of child marriage.

Muslim activist, Ishaq Akintola, the director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) and professor of Islamic Eschatology (the theological study of the “end times”) confirmed what has been long-known to Christians, Jews, and most Americans, but ignored by President Obama and liberal apologists: “There is no age factor in Islamic marriage and Muslims have no apology for those who refuse to accept this.”

Professor Akintola made his statements about child marriage in an interview with online “newspaper,” African Enquirer, and when asked point-blank by the interviewer, “Is child marriage permitted in Islam?” Akintola not only rationalized by saying that the practice is accepted by Sharia law and therefore beyond disapproval, he seized the opportunity to chastise other faiths for presuming to judge Islam and the Muslim way of life.

Even more shocking, the professor went on to proclaim that understanding among the faiths will be impossible “so long as non-Muslims continue to measure Muslims and their way of life by Christian, Buddhist or Confucianist yardsticks.”

Falling back on the flawed technique of “false equivalency” that is not even allowed in high school debate, Akintola attempted to compare the practices of non-Muslims and Muslims, suggesting that Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and others also practice objectively cruel and perverted “traditions,” saying, “Who are non-Muslims to be the judge of Muslims when every religious group has its own failings? How the Muslims do it is nobody’s business. Do we come into the church to criticize the way marriages are conducted?”

Professor Akintola concluded with a challenge to anyone who disagrees with child marriage, “Christians should stop attempts to impose their lifestyle on Muslims. We will never allow that.”

President Obama would do well to heed the professor’s words.

Source: Jihad Watch