Montana Strikes Back At ‘March for Our Lives’ With A Brilliant March Of Their Own

It’s impossible to turn on the news or surf the internet these days without seeing skinhead communists and anorexic soy boys dictating to the rest of us how gun policy should work in America.

The Parkland shooting catapulted teenagers like David Hogg to celebrity status overnight…but it’s only the students who agree with the liberal agenda that are becoming household names. Students that have been supportive of the Second Amendment have been silenced or ignored.

Hunter Pollack, the brother of Parkland victim Meadow Pollack, wanted to speak at the highly publicized March For Our Lives. Hunter prepared a beautiful speech about securing our schools.

But the march had no room for him.

People around the country are fed up with this double standard and the media’s refusal to listen to their voices. Now citizens in Montana are taking it upon themselves to start a march of their own.

From IJR:

On Saturday, hundreds of Second Amendment activists gathered in Helena, Montana for the “March for Our Guns.”

NPR reported the event was organized by Brent Webber, took place near the state Capitol, and featured a range of speakers from students to a state representative.

“Our freedoms come first,” Webber told the crowd. “No one will infringe on our right to keep and bear arms.”

Webber’s message would likely not do well on the east or west coast, but it resonated with many of the citizens attending the “March for Our Guns.”

Liberals keep insisting that conservatives are paranoid, and no one really wants to infringe on their right to keep and bear arms.

But recent programs in Chicago and California to seize the guns of citizens prove that this is yet another lie by the left.

While our larger cities may be turning into high crime magnets for gun violence,  Montana is relatively safe and hasn’t had a major school shooting.

Their sensibility is truly admirable in these crazy, hyperemotional times. At least we can prove that sanity still lives in Montana.