Lib Tom Hanks Just Called Trump A ‘Tyrant’ And Said Why He’s ‘A Threat To Us All’

At one point, Academy Award winner Tom Hanks was one of America’s most bankable and well-respected actors, starring in such beloved hit movies as Forrest Gump and Big.

However, at some point Hanks obviously caved and drank the Hollywood liberal Kool-Aid.

In recent weeks, Hanks has been going on tirade after tirade against Republican President Donald Trump, trying to create controversy to drum up interest in his new Steven Spielberg movie The Post.

He just gave his most extreme interview yet to CNN International reporter Christiane Amanpour.

Amanpour asked Hanks and fellow liberal costar Meryl Streep about the state of the free press, and Tom responded by calling President Trump a “tyrant.”

Said Hanks, “What tyrants do — I study history and I read it for pleasure. What tyrants have done, back to the point where they were printing clay tablets with hieroglyphics were to manipulate the truth, to denigrate, in this case, let’s move it up to– fast forward, tyrants, number one, want to denigrate people that go out– the fourth estate. The journalists who go out and try to determine what the truth is.”

He went on, “And in the United States of America, by and large, have the — have the functionality in order to make sure you don’t print it until it is confirmed. Tyrants, first of all, want to delegitimize any effort to do that, and say no, no, we have the truth, so you have to believe us.”

Hanks then absurdly claimed that President Trump wants to put the media and the press out of business, so he can make everything state-run media.

Said The actor, “The next thing they do is try to put those truth tellers out of business, and they do everything they can.

In some cultures they take sledge hammers to printing presses and slice the necks of women journalists who go out and get the truth.

And the end result is you have a state-run, here’s what our king did today, isn’t he a wonderful man? And the next thing you know you’re living in Romania under Ceausescu.”

Are you disappointed that Tom Hanks became such a crazy liberal? Watch below: