Judicial Watch Files New Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton’s ‘Pay-For-Play’

New lawsuit filed against State Department for access to Clinton documents.

Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “pay-for-play” scandal, according to Gateway Pundit.

The conservative watchdog group said it became aware that Clinton made a previously unknown $48 million on her husband’s speeches to foreign entities while she led the State Department.

On Wednesday, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the lawsuit pertains to records regarding Dennis Cheng, who served as Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Protocol at the State Department for two years.

When Cheng left the State Department in 2011, he began working for the Clinton Foundation.

In April 2015, he was named as the finance director of the Hillary for America presidential campaign.

When she led the State Department, Clinton used her foundation to accept massive donations in exchange for approving favorable policy toward foreign governments.

Cheng reportedly raised $246 million between July 2011 and February 2015 while he was at the Clinton Foundation.

Previous Judicial Watch lawsuits filed under the Freedom of Information Act revealed cases in which the Clintons raked in tens of millions of dollars while selling off American influence to foreign nations.

Fitton said he’s confident the new lawsuit will further prove how corrupt Clinton was and illuminate how she likely broke the law at the Department of State.

“Judicial Watch proved the Clinton State Department became a corrupt arm of the Clinton Foundation. The Justice and State Departments seem to be still protecting Hillary Clinton,” Fitton said.

He added: “Judicial Watch is stepping into the gap and, though this and other ongoing FOIA lawsuits, aims to expose and hold the Clinton cash machine accountable to the rule of law.”

As usual, Judicial Watch continues to do the heavy lifting to hold the Clintons accountable for lining their own pockets while selling off American influence.

It was Fitton’s group who exposed Clinton’s private server, her negligence in Benghazi, and how she deleted tens of thousands of emails.

With a strong track record like that, Judicial Watch’s lawsuit could bust the “pay-for-play” scandal wide open.