Joy Reid Blasts Republicans For Using The Term “Chain Migration” Which Became Racist When Trump Said It

MSNBC’s Joy Reid attacked President Trump for using the term ‘chain migration.’

This is a term that has been used since the 1960’s Democrats and Republicans alike to mean the social process in which migrants bring in more migrants from their area to a new location.

However, as soon as Trump used the term, Democrats started calling it ‘offensive’ and ‘racist’, because black people were once brought to America in chains. Seriously, they are that stupid.

“This is what Donald Trump wants, meaning this is what Paul Ryan wants: Border security, a $25 billion trust fund for the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, ending extended family migration which they, I think we need to kill that term, chain migration — it should never be used again, it is very offensive, but that is what they call it — and eliminating the visa lottery,” said Reid.

The New York Times recently called Joy Reid a “Heroine of the Resistance” for constantly disparaging President Trump.

“In the Trump era, Ms. Reid, the daughter of immigrants, has emerged as a heroine of the resistance to his leadership.

And her forceful questioning style, matching that on conservative outlets like Fox, has resonated with MSNBC’s viewers.

She is popular on social media with fans who fondly call themselves #reiders,” writes the New York Times.