Jeff Sessions Revealed The One Secret James Comey Was Dreading

The FBI spying on the Trump campaign is the worst scandal in American political history.

So much of the FBI’s conduct is still shrouded in mystery.

But in one interview, Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed the one secret that has James Comey and the Deep State on edge.

Sessions sat for an interview with Fox News where he revealed that he appointed a prosecutor to investigate the FBI’s FISA abuses months ago.

He also said he is considering the request made by House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte to appoint a special counsel.Breitbart reports:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed prosecutors in 2017 to investigate matters Congress referred to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) as growing scandals possibly involved criminal activities.

These prosecutors will report directly back to Sessions, who told Fox News on Wednesday night that he will then decide whether a second special prosecutor is necessary to take these matters to court.

Critics of the attorney general have said he needs to look into matters where there are suspicions that crimes may have been committed, such as the growing scandal regarding Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) search warrants to spy on members of President Trump’s campaign and transition team in 2016. Emerging evidence suggests this surveillance continued after the presidential election.

He is doing exactly that, Sessions told Shannon Bream during an interview Wednesday. The attorney general has appointed a prosecutor with “many years in the Department of Justice” to investigate these things, and will “consider seriously” appointing a second special counsel to possibly bring criminal charges.”

Gowdy has said a special counsel is necessary because the Department of Justice oversees the FBI, so there is an inherent conflict of interest.

The Daily Caller reports:

Bartiromo asked, “So we should have then you believe another special counsel to investigate these matters? How does one investigate itself frankly?”

“Well you don’t. I wish that I had been able to grade my own papers in college and law school, but I was not able to. I would have done better first of all, but–we don’t put family members on the jury. We don’t put friends on the jury,” Gowdy answered

“You need an independent arbiter, and the Department of Justice cannot investigate itself. Horowitz can– Horowitz is a fair guy, but when there are two dozen witnesses that have left the department or worked for another agency, someone else has to do it and I am reluctant to call for special counsel, but I think it may be unavoidable in this fact pattern.”

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