JAW-DROPPING $1 Billion In Social Security Gone – Americans Are FUMING!

Now that Republicans are in control of Congress and the White House, the Left seems to be suffering from amnesia.

Conveniently, they are whining about Republicans doing things that they spent the last 8 years doing while calling it their patriotic duty.

The accused Republicans of partisanship and obstruction all during Obama’s disastrous reign, yet have turned around and used everything at their disposal to undermine the Trump administration.

As reported at Yes I’m Right, another example of never ending hypocrisy has been revealed.

The Left has been busy hand-wringing over the supposed costs of the pending border wall with Mexico, yet didn’t seem to mind that under Obama, the Social Security Administration issued a billion dollars in benefits to people without a valid SSN.

That’s probably because many of the recipients are the Democrats favorite group, illegals.

The agency’s inspector general that conducted the audit has also said that unless policies are reformed, about $182 million per year will continue to be paid out to those without valid identification.

This is no mistake, it’s by design.

Democrats have known the system is replete with flaws, yet done nothing to fix the problems while in power.

That’s because it’s beneficial for their party to allow for payments to go to illegals and their families, because the more dependent someone is on government handouts, the more likely they are to vote for liberals.

The current system even allows for illegals to legally receive payments if they are representing their child, that is presumably a citizen.

Talk about an insane policy.

Those who have worked their entire lives and forcibly had money taken from every paycheck on the promise it will be returned one day are now subsidizing illegals.

Truly, this is the epitome of wastefulness and mismanagement.

Much reform is needed, but Republicans will have to find a way to go around the obstructionist liberals that refuse to reign in government spending.

Conservatives must remind the Left of their rampant hypocrisy and no let allow them to get away with such egregious double standards.