IT BEGINS! Berkeley Rioters Just Got The Worst News Of Their Lives! Justice Is Served!

Berkeley rioters and protestors of ANTIFA groups like BAMN that are responsible for the violence and the destruction that had been seen numerous times in the past months.

During the Berkeley riot before the Milo Yiannopolous speech, the police suspiciously were sitting in the cafeteria while trump supporters were being beat outside.

There were also rumors that the Mayor had ordered them to stand down and after it was discovered that the Berkeley Mayor is part of the very group that organized the riots on Facebook it doesn’t seem that farfetched.

The protestors have been mostly free from prosecution but finally the police are taking action against the people that are not only destroying property but attacking Trump supporters simply because of their political beliefs.

Finally the police are taking action against the very people that are responsible for these riots.

The first left-wing protester was arrested in Berkeley after he refused to take off his mask while obstructing an officer from doing their job.

Watch the officer’s face as he has to deal with this ridiculous person.

Finally the police are taking action against these criminals. Hopefully more of these criminals are arrested for all of the violence they have been causing.