EXPOSED: Muslim Brotherhood Is Making Demands On Capitol Hill, This CANNOT Go Unnoticed!

muslim brotherhood making demands

Since our founding America has always experienced subversive groups attempting to infiltrate and or influence our way of life, usually by sources out of government attempting to either influence those within low levels of government or perhaps infiltrate through clandestine ways.

However “never’ in the history of this nation has the chief architect been a high-ranking public official, let alone the President of The United States!

That’s where America finds itself today, on Monday the second annual National Muslim Advocacy Day was held on Capital Hill, and the subversive “front group” that was actually behind the event was President Obama’s own Muslim Brotherhood, the group that Obama personally removed from the terror watch list, and in which many of those members are being placed within strategic government positions.

According to the United States Council of Muslim Organizations, or USCMO, the purpose of the visit to Capitol Hill is to, “focus on promoting a legislative agenda in support of equality and social justice issues”

Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy and a former assistant secretary of defense under Ronald Reagan, penned an op-ed article on Monday that shined a light on the shadowy political group that sponsors the day of lobbying and activism for U.S. Muslims.

Gaffney said most congressmen were likely oblivious as to who is behind the USCMO and National Muslim Advocacy Day.

“The USCMO is the latest in a long series of front organizations associated with, and working to advance, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” Gaffney writes.

From: Western Journalism