DISGUSTING! Obama “Aggressively Engaged” In “Gender-Neutral” Bathrooms In Public Schools

The Obama Administration will furiously begin forcing public schools to allow boys in girls restrooms and vice-versa.

During an LGBT summit hosted by the White House, a Department of Education official said they were “aggressively engaged” in the fight to allow transgender students to use whatever restroom they please.

So thrilled by what they heard, a gay-rights group in Michigan blasted out an e-mail to her supporters proclaiming that the Obama White House will be a “great catalyst that will propel our collective work forward,” the Daily Caller is reporting.

DOE Assistant Secretary for the Office of Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon told attendees at the conference: “We are serious – we are aggressively engaged – we will enforce Title IX.”

Under Lhamon’s guidance, the DOE’s Office of Civil Rights has ruled that schools will be in violation of Title IX if they do not permit transgender students to use the bathroom and locker rooms of their choice. The administration has made clear that giving private, single-user bathrooms is not a sufficient accommodation. That is: schools must allow boys who think they’re girls to shower and change alongside actual girls.

A federal appeals court upheld the Obama administration’s Title IX interpretation last week, ordering a rural Virginia school to allow a biological female to begin showering and changing alongside her male counterparts. Another Obama appointee, Judge Henry Floyd, wrote the court opinion overruling a district court that decided in favor of the school.

Lhamon, for her part, has indeed been aggressive in forcing the White House agenda onto local schools. Last November, she ordered an Illinois school district to allow a biological male to use the girls’ showers and locker rooms, threatening to pull the district’s federal funding if it didn’t comply. (The district promptly folded.)

Source: Down Trend