Democrat Lawmaker Handcuffed At Capitol Steps, Escorted Away By Police

As the left never ceases to remind us, America is indeed a nation of immigrants. But what they always fail to remember is that America is also a nation of laws.

Currently, Dreamers are violating those laws by remaining in this country illegally. They are an invading army, turning into a voting bloc for their country, and their people.

Dreamers don’t like the founding principles of the US, which is something they have in common with the Left. Both Democrats and Dreamers only care about demanding more welfare and a bigger government.

Liberals, including elected officials, aren’t working to earn votes for their cause through intelligent discourse. Instead, the Left is doing what they do best: acting like petulant children who can’t get their way.

In our story today, we have a former illegal, or Dreamer if you will, now a state representative. She decided to get herself arrested at the steps of our US Capitol. All for the sake of a few more Liberal votes.

From The Blaze:

Arizona state representative Isela Blanc was arrested yesterday in Washington, DC while protesting against the potential expiration of DACA.

The lawmaker has been open about her previous status as an illegal immigrant, telling Arizona’s Mesa Independent, “I’m not embarrassed about the fact that I was undocumented. I frankly got tired of people in this state – in particular, Republicans – telling my story, calling me a criminal, demonizing who we are and what we represent.”

Hundreds of demonstrators descended on the US capital, holding sit-ins in the offices of lawmakers, blocking traffic, and chaining themselves to one another outside the Capitol building itself.

If anyone is demonizing child immigrants, it’s the child immigrants themselves. This disruptive and obnoxious protest is only one example of the overall lawless nature of these individuals.

According to a study, Dreamer-age illegals have double the crime rate of young Americans. I guess when you’re already violating federal immigration law, what’s one more crime going to hurt?

Of course, Blanc wasn’t alone in her temper tantrum. 87 other people were arrested as well, many of them chanting Spanish.

These protestors are blaming Trump for their current predicament, but are failing to look at who is really responsible for them being in America illegally.

First, they should hold their parents accountable, who entered our country illegally and forced their children to as well.

Next, they need to blame the Democrats, because when the Democrats held a super majority, they did not address illegal immigration (and they could have).

Lastly, they need to blame Obama for violating the Constitution when he created DACA and raising their expectations.

So now it’s time for these illegals to face the reality that they have to go back to their own home country and immigrate the correct and legal way. Otherwise, we have lost our rule of law.