Days After Accepting Job From Trump, Bolton Makes Move Against Corrupt Politicians We’ve All Been Waiting For

Trump finally had enough with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.

Now, John Bolton is the guy advising Trump on national security and while no one is a fan of Bolton’s stance on the Iraq War there is no denying that Bolton is a smart guy who has a lot to offer.

From Washington Examiner:

The White House national security team, already facing calls for the ouster of top adviser H.R. McMaster, was tagged by a key lawmaker with leaking confidential notes ordering President Trump not to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin for his election win.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., a conservative leader and foreign policy expert, expressed outrage at the leak and suggested that it and others thought to come from the national security council are crimes.

“Here’s the big deal. If you’ve got the national security council team leaking to the press, that’s a big deal,” he told reporters at a Heritage Foundation-sponsored “Conversations with Conservatives” on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

And now, Bolton is apparently ready to put an end to the leaks.

From Washington Examiner:

Incoming national security adviser John Bolton is reportedly poised to remove dozens of White House officials when he starts his new job early next month.

Among those who will get the boot will be Obama administration holdovers and anyone who isn’t loyal to President Trump, sources told Foreign Policy.

“Bolton can and will clean house,” one former White House official was quoted as saying.

Amazing move.

It’s mind-boggling that Obama holdovers are even still part of the Trump administration. How could you possibly trust political enemies to keep this information private?

It would be nice if we lived in a world where political affiliation didn’t matter but that’s just not how things are these days thanks to liberal divisiveness.

If Bolton continues to display an understanding of the fact that the government is actively working against Trump and trying to stop his agenda then we should be in pretty good shape. Nice to see the firings happen so fast.

Jimmy Carter recently came out and bashed Trump for hiring Bolton.

From CBS News:

Former President Jimmy Carter says President Trump’s choice of John Bolton as his new national security adviser is “the worst mistake” Mr. Trump has made.

“I have been concerned at some of the things he’s decided. I think his last choice for national security adviser was very ill-advised. I think John Bolton has been the worst mistake he’s made,” Carter told “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell Monday. Bolton will be Mr. Trump’s third national security adviser since taking office.

If Jimmy Carter says you did something wrong then that’s proof you made the right choice.