Dad Charged With Murder After What He Finds In Daughter’s Bedroom

Picture this. You awaken in the middle of night with an odd suspicion that something is not right. You begin to make the rounds in your house.

As you enter your young daughter’s bed room you observe a man looming over your child. You child is laying there petrified. After all, the boogey-man has just become all too real.

Such was the case with Australian father, Ben Battherham. His reaction was to grab the pervert and beat the ever loving c*** out of him.

He then drug him out of his home and into the street to hand him over to the cops (who were en route). What happened next is a bit unclear, but suffice it say, Batterham snapped the pervert, Rick Slater’s neck.

Good. Any parent can imagine all of the things they would do in this situation, and it is doubtful that any child molesting rapist would exit the situation alive. Needless to say, Ricky Slater died in the hospital.

The father, Batterham had been charged with “recklessly causing grievous bodily harm, but that has since been upgraded to murder since Slater’s death,” according to Mad World News sources.

Slater’ egg-donor and useless mother, Beryl Dickson, is on the war path for Batterham’s head. The woman is whining about the loss of her son, and the absence from his children’s lives.

“They’ve lost their beautiful father that they haven’t seen for years because he was in jail, which has nothing to do with this case,” she said. “Just to think those little kids are going to grow up without a dad now,” she went on.

Yeah, Chester-the-Molester’s mom, just think about it; your grandkids have been rid of a waste of skin scumbag who had a penchant for sexually assaulting little kids.

Seems like a win-win all around.

The kid to be sad for is Batterham’s daughter. There is a good man, a “beautiful father” who did what a dad is supposed to do, and that is protect his kids. As opposed to sneaking into the bedrooms of other little kids to molest or rape them.

Beryl Dickson raised a piece of filth and she should have her head in bag. She should not be allowed to see her grandkids as she was obviously willing to allow them to be in harm’s way with their piece of garbage dad.

Source: Mad World News