Canadian Sniper Records World’s Longest Sniper Kill

A Canadian sniper has mae history by killing an Islamic State group militant with a single shot from a distance of 11,319 feet, or roughly 2 miles.

The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command released a statement last Wednesday confirming the kill, though it refrained from providing the location and time of the stunning shot, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The statement noted only that the shot occurred sometime this month and that the sniper had been operating within Joint Task Force 2, which “provides its expertise” to Kurdish fighters “from well behind the Iraqi security force front line in Mosul.”

However, CANSOFCOM communications adviser Sue Beler confirmed with the Times that the sniper had used a McMillan Tac-50, a tactical rifle designed by McMillan Firearms to be used “by military forces around the world as both an ultra-long range anti-personnel tactical rifle, as well as” for “disabling assets at long range.”

The firearms manufacturer wasn’t kidding. The unknown sniper’s impressive shot eclipsed the record set eight years ago by Craig Harrison, a British sniper who killed a member of the Taliban from a distance of 8,120 feet, or roughly 1.54 miles. This means his shot managed to top his predecessor’s by over 3,000 feet.

Speaking with the Times, sniper instructor Army Staff Sgt. Jared Reinhart noted that while sniper tactics and equipment are “continually evolving … technology can only go so far.”

“At that distance, certain atmospherics cannot be mitigated,” he added, before stating that “a little bit of luck was involved.”

Perhaps some luck was involved, but a whole lot of skill was as well.

According to The Washington Post, Canadian snipers are in fact “some of the best snipers of any military,” though they earned this rank long before the unnamed sniper was even born.

“Canadian snipers were arguably the best-equipped Allied soldiers in the early year of the war,” military historian Martin Pegler wrote in a 2011 history of sharpshooters, referencing World War I.

“Most of the finest Canadian snipers proved to be Natives, whose backwoods skills, patience and acute eyesight made them ideally suited to the task,” he added. “Canadian soldiers provided some of the best snipers of the war. Their kill rate was extraordinary.”

I guess it’s like the old proverb says — once a great sniper, always a great sniper.

Kudos to Canada.

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