Bulgarian Badasses Catch Muslim Invaders, Give Politically Incorrect “Welcome”

bulgarian badasses muslim invaders

Fed up with leftists and their “open doors” policy,” a group of Bulgarian conservatives decided to secure their own borders by patrolling for illegal migrants. However, immediately after running into a gang of invading Muslims from Turkey, the rightfully angry volunteers decided to introduce them to politically incorrect justice.

Although citizens’ arrests are illegal in Bulgaria, it hasn’t stopped indignant civilians from taking back their country from the leftists handing it over to asylum seekers who would rather establish a Sharia governance. In fact, some conservative men understand what it takes to protect their wives and children from an influx of gang rapists.

The Balkan Insight reports that a group of volunteers called the Organization for the Protection of Bulgarian Citizens are patrolling the forests lining the Bulgarian-Turkish border to stop Muslim migrants from illegally entering. The group’s efforts were brought to light after the television program “No Man’s Land” filmed the team arresting 23 illegal migrants.

In one video, a volunteer can be heard telling the invaders, “No Bulgaria for you” and “Go back [to] Turkey immediately.”

Refusing to cave to politically incorrect leftist politicians, police are not only grateful for the action taken by a group of Bulgarian citizens, they’ve decided to award them for their brave efforts in defending the border. Border police chief Antonio Angelov commended the men on Thursday, adding that it’s no simple task.

“I want to encourage them, because they have reacted very appropriately. The group [of migrants] was very calm, but it is not always like that,” Angelov told Bulgarian Nova TV. “This [volunteer patrolling] is very risky. It is not a child’s game.”

“Every Bulgarian citizen has the right to walk in the state’s forests. Stopping migrants and alerting the police is our civic obligation,” the Organisation for the Protection of Bulgarian Citizens said in a statement.

A young volunteer from Burgas explained that migrants almost always surrender without issue because they think the citizens are policemen, whom they believe will register them as asylum seekers. However, their desire for generous government benefits is quickly crushed when they find out they’re being detained and processed for deportation.

“If you are an illegal immigrant, we will send you back, one way or another,” a member of the squad, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, said. “But we do not want them registered here.”

Another Bulgarian named Dinko Valev also patrols his extensive rural property for Muslim illegals. The strongman from Yombol recently made headlines after fighting off and detaining 20 migrant on his land, earning him the nickname “Destroyer.”

Although bleeding-heart leftists would have us believe that these illegals are simply war-torn refugees evading persecution and terrorism, the proof is in their trek. Turkey is a safe haven for Muslim asylum seekers, especially considering how they demand to live in accordance with Sharia law. However, these migrants do not want to live comfortably in Turkey — they have been told of the alluring welfare the West offers without requiring assimilation, compensation, or much information for that matter.

When these citizens secure their borders, they’re securing their culture, heritage, government, values, and future. They’re denying outsiders the opportunity to use our freedoms to establish the very religious legislation that would do away with our freedoms.

Source: Mad World News