Antifa Thugs Reveal Their True Colors – 3 Horrifying Tweets Prove America Is Under Attack

If you’re not aware already, the new face of left-wing violence has emerged on the scene.

While there are a ton of groups on the Left that aren’t afraid to use violence, this latest one is the largest, most organized one.

The rise of Donald Trump has seen Antifa grow by leaps and bounds, as they have chapters all over the United States and send their goons out to any protest or march done in the name of conservatism.

These terrorists almost always show up wearing face coverings and with subtle weapons in tow, assuming they aren’t outright carrying blunt objects for all to see.

These guys fancy themselves as “anti-fascists,” supposedly the righteous vanguard defending America from a mythological takeover by Nazis or something.

The most amusing thing about them is that they make no bones about the use of violence, as they justify their actions as necessary to “preserve democracy” and halt the spread of hate and stuff.

So what we have here is a collection of people who fervently believe that what they do protects the nation from tyranny.

That’s incredibly dangerous, because they’re true believers that won’t be persuaded that their actions are wrong. How could they possibly think that when their enemy is a bunch of Nazis?

Normally, such a group wouldn’t be a problem, but thanks to the Left’s collective psychosis and full embrace of their radical elements, these terrorists have gained some legitimacy.

The media has only just now recognized their existence and grudgingly admitted that they do use violence, but it’s painfully obvious that they’re at least tacitly supporting their actions behind closed doors.

If they were actually concerned with these commies, they would have spoken up while they were cracking skulls during Trump rallies over the last 2 years.

The media’s silence over the issue tells us all we need to know.

In the wake of Charlottesville, where Antifa perpetrated the majority of violence, they’ve further ramped up their activity, as there were thousands in attendance counter-protesting the Boston Free Speech rally that took place over the weekend.

As reported at the Independent Journal Review, Antifa was up to its usual shenanigans during the rally, assaulting folks and spewing all sorts of leftist insanity at those trying to peacefully promote our First Amendment rights.

Prior to the event, the Boston chapter of Antifa posted an original folk tune to pump their members up, aptly titled “Boston Belongs to Us.”

Along with the video of one of their masked jackasses singing the tune, the group tweeted the following message:

Boston “Free Speech” Rally is tomorrow but Nazis, white nationalists/supremacists be to sure to keep one thing in mind.”

Trump supporters are a joke,” he says, “But here comes the punchline,” he adds, holding up his fist.

Boston belongs to us, so f*ck all your free speech,” he sings, “it’s really just hate speech.”

The group also was sure to warn its members about the locations of police cameras, you know, so they could more effectively dole out violence without getting caught.

ALERT! New cameras installed on the Common. Keep distance and stay out of sight. We’ll update on their locations.”

Boston Antifa also told its members to not show up until a later time, to make it more difficult for police to contain them.

Then they referred to cops as “pigs” saying:

Plan exit strategies for tomorrow. Despite Marty’s rhetoric, not sure if the pigs will be useful to us like they were in #Charlottesville.

As usual, these commies showed their hatred for police during the protest. One of the choice comments caught on video shows one emaciated pinko screaming at a black police woman saying:

You stupid ass black bitch! You’re supposed to be on our side!

Hmmmm, I thought leftists were the protectors of blacks, not harassers… But then again, this is how they treat minorities that have wandered off the liberal plantation and dared to think for themselves.

As is tradition, American flags were burned as well. Antifa Boston posted videos of the burning saying:

They then followed that tweet up with this gem calling the American flag a “garbage rag.”

We’ll see who really, really has the guts at this rally,” an Antifa member said.

I wonder what that means. Oh wait, we know exactly what that veiled threat means, considering their words and violent actions up to this point.

Make no mistake, Antifa is a terror group that’s receiving significant funding and support from left-wing groups tied to Soros.

They’re being used to undermine the stability of the US, used to antagonize and provoke a reaction out of conservatives, so the Left can then turn around and pin all the blame on us.

Ultimately, they can use the resulting outrage and manufactured fear to push the nation even further into the gutter.

THIS is the terrifying truth, fellow patriots.