75% of People Arrested for Destroying Confederate Statue Have One Terrifying Thing In Common

American in 2017 is a scary time and place.

We are living in a country infested with traitors who are doing everything in their power to erase our country’s history.

These people are anti-American, and must be stopped. Anyone who is involved with tearing down our nation’s Civil War monuments is part of the same sick agenda.

These unpatriotic scumbags only have one concern. They are obsessed with how blacks are treated, turning minorities into victims.

These uneducated individuals have literally no idea about our country’s history. I would be surprised if they had ever even opened a history book.

These are the kind of people who feel that a statue of Stonewall Jackson is a direct symbol for slavery, when in reality these monuments serve as important reminders of what our nation has been through in order to create better America.

These guys are so unwilling to pay attention to the truth that they actually defaced a statue of Abraham Lincoln… you know, the guy who freed the slaves.

Americans who are tearing down pieces of our nation’s history are indeed radical communists.

Their main goal is to destroy America, pushing us back into history, erasing all the progress we have made over the years. These extremists must be stopped before they start an all-out race war.

The Federalist Papers wrote:

Of the four people arrested earlier in the week for tearing down a confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, three of them are members of the “World Workers Party,” a branch of International Communists – they call themselves “revolutionary socialists,” who idolize Fidel Castro, Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad and Venezuelan tyrant Nicolás Maduro. They even sympathize with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.

Among those who were arrested were Dante Emmanuel Strobino, Ngoc Loan Tran, Fatima Thompson, and Peter Hull Gilbert. Both Thompson and Tran are known members of the radical communist group. Thompson was upfront about her political agenda as well.

WRAL reported that following her court hearing, Thompson stated “there’s revolutions taking place all across the country right now, and those revolutions won’t be stopped. We are following a historical legacy of standing up to the powers that be, to these racist, fascist systems, and we’re on the right side of history. We’re not going to let the police or this jail intimidate us.”

Tran was eventually released from custody, and gave credit to the “movement.” We can gather that she was referring to the Communist movement.

They are blaming the movement for their violent and destructive behavior.

Tran was quoted saying “clearly, in Durham, we showed Gov. Roy Cooper that, if he didn’t take action, we would. So, to Roy Cooper, we say ‘You’re welcome,’ because it wasn’t his original idea to take down these statues. So, we’ll see what actions he takes next, but we want to claim that ]pulling down the Durham statue] as a win for the movement. The movement did this.”

While it’s undeniable that the Civil War has left a legacy, these American monuments continue to offend people for no good reason.

The extreme Left wants to claim that these monuments are racist, when in reality they serve as a reminder of where we came from, and how much it took to get us to where we are today.

These communists have one goal, and that is to destroy everything America was built on. We fought a war so that blacks could be free.

Now, they are trying to make themselves out as victims all over again. The violent acts of crime must stop now, before the Left destroys our entire country.