Doug Jones Headed Soros-Funded Project To Transform Federal Prosecutors Into Social Justice Warriors

NEW YORK –Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for December’s Senate special election in Alabama, spearheaded an effort on behalf of a legal group massively funded by billionaire George Soros that sought to fundamentally transform the role of U.S. Attorneys from one of prosecuting criminals to activists that enact a so-called progressive criminal justice agenda. Among [...]

Millennials Just Love Bernie’s Tax Plan — Until They Find Out It’s Actually Trump’s

Oops. Got 'em. Again. “Them,” being liberals. This time, Millennials. Turns out, students at George Washington University, a private university in Washington, D.C., “shockingly” aren't all that fond of President Donald Trump's tax plan. Why not? Same ol' standard liberal answers: favors the rich, hurts the middle and lower classes. Blah, blah, blah. But when Campus Reform instead attributed [...]

Progressives Push Universities to Aid Illegals, not American Youth

The Democratic Party’s leading think-tank, the Center for American Progress, is working with illegal aliens and amnesty advocates to encourage colleges and universities to admit and fund more illegal aliens in place of young Americans. More than 320,000 young illegals have already enr0lled in colleges, and “our colleges and universities play a vital role in creating [...]

Look What Trump Just Did For Social Security Recipients—They Said He Couldn’t Do It

During the campaign, Donald Trump made bold promises to the American people, and especially to those who had been neglected under Obama. Despite opposition from many in Washington, a biased media, numerous riots by leftists, and plenty of natural disasters, President Trump is making good on his word. He’s moving forward with the promised border [...]

Gorka: ‘Massive’ Defeats for Islamic State in ‘Scant Eight Months of Trump Administration’

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, chief strategist for the MAGA Coalition and former deputy assistant to President Trump, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about the latest political news, media bias, the defeat of the Islamic State in Raqqa, and the Kurdish situation in Iraq. Gorka argued that the “political revolution” [...]

Flashback: Susan Rice Says Bergdahl ‘Served the United States With Honor and Distinction’ During an interview on the June 1, 2014 edition of ABC’s “This Week,” then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice stated that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction.” Rice said, “Certainly, anybody who has been held in those conditions, in captivity for five years has paid an extraordinary price. But that [...]

Gen. John Kelly Makes Harsh Point to Media With New Rule When Taking Questions...

White House chief of staff Gen. John Kelly, who lost his son in the Afghanistan war, made a brutal point to the media during a Thursday press briefing, refusing to call on any reporters who don't know a Gold Star family. Kelly literally asked reporters to raise their hands if they were a Gold Star [...]

Trump Wins Strong Praise From Black Leadership Group For Huge Accomplishment

Kirsters Baish| The first nine months of Donald Trump’s presidency haven’t been easy. He has been under constant ridicule by the Left, and their efforts to push the narrative that he is a racist and a white supremacist sympathizer have been ruthless. According to the Left, President Trump’s policies always have racist undertones and are [...]

Rob Reiner: Trump ‘Has No Empathy — ‘I Hate to Say It But He’s... Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” while discussing the disputed phone call President Donald Trump made to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow, filmmaker Rob Reiner said President Donald Trump was a “sociopath” without “empathy.” Reiner said, “He has no empathy. I hate to say it, but he’s a sociopath. I mean he has no feeling for [...]

Mom Who Lost Son in Afghanistan Never Got Call From Obama, But Look What...

In 2009, Jill Stephenson received news that no parent with their child deployed overseas ever wants to hear. Her son — U.S. Army Ranger Benjamin Kopp — had suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. Her first thought was that he was going to lose the leg, but it would turn into the worst-case scenario. [...]

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